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Storage news

ATTO Technology and Nyriad have teamed to integrate ATTO FastFrame 3 SmartNICs and ThunderLink Thunderbolt adapters with the Nyriad UltraIO storage system, powered by a GPU-CPU combination. The combination quadruples write throughput, enabling the scrubbing and editing of raw 8K and above video footage inline without the need to transcode, create proxies or copy files across the network to local editing stations. Nyriad’s UltraIO system is claimed to withstand up to 20 drives failing simultaneously while maintaining 95 percent of its maximum throughput. Dual-port ATTO interfaces can survive the loss of entire switch fabrics without any outages, it said.

AWS SaaS data protector Clumio has announced capabilities it claimed allows customers to protect their AWS data at any scale and recover from disruptions instantly. Highlights include:

  • Continuous [virtual] air-gapped protection for any volume of data: Customers can now protect up to 30 billion objects per Amazon S3 bucket, totaling exabytes of data, with a granular RPO of 15 minutes.
  • Instant recovery for Amazon S3: Clumio has achieved zero RTO (recovery time objective) for Amazon S3. This feature is now available for early access.
  • Intelligent data protection recommendations to optimize cost efficiency: Customers can get a full view of their data environment on AWS, consolidate backups across multiple services under a unified [virtual] air gap, and receive recommendations on how to optimize data protection costs.

IBM has launched a carbon offsetting program. For every Flash System sold with its business partners in Q4, IBM will plant 100 trees as part of its Flash4Good initiative. IBM’s product carbon footprint (PCF) data is now available for the IBM FlashSystem 5200, IBM FlashSystem 7300, and IBM FlashSystem 9500.

IBM green flash storage initiative

Intel has quietly launched a 2.5-inch Optane 3D XPoint datacenter SSD, the DC P5810X, with a slightly shorter latency and slightly worse IOPS and throughput performance than its existing P5801X drive – the PCIe 4 x 4 NVMe interface drive. A table shows the similarities and differences:

Optane storage comparison

No more Optane chips are being made, Intel is working through its inventory, and the product line is being closed down.

MSP remote monitor and data protector N-able reported revenues of $93.5 million in the third 2022 quarter, ended September 30, up 6 percent year over year. Subscription revenues were $91.2 million, compared to $861 million a year ago. Net profit of $300,000 was down from the year-ago $1.9 million. At quarter end, total cash and cash equivalents were $87.7 million and total debt was $337.5 million. N-able president and CEO John Pagliuca said: “We are proud of our third quarter results, which came in above the high end of our outlook for both revenue and profit.”

N-able storage revenues

Scale-out filesystem supplier Qumulo has announced a “Simply Secure” initiative with a suite of security features that continue to harden over time, all-inclusive with their Qumulo subscription, without additional cost for future releases. Its most recent software release added five new layers to storage security for greater data protection including:

  • Multi-tenancy VLAN Isolation: Organizations can now use virtual local area networks (VLANs) to isolate administrative interfaces from their filesystem clients, such that the general network population cannot reach the interfaces. 
  • Single sign-on & Access Tokens: Cluster administrators can now eliminate the need for sensitive user passwords when logging into the Qumulo administrator UI or API since user credentials are prime targets for theft by cyber attackers.
  • NFSv4.1 Kerberos Authentication & Encryption: All data is encrypted before transmitting across networks.
  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certification of Qumulo encryption: Customers can maintain compliance and independently verify that Qumulo’s data-at-rest encryption meets the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 
  • OpenMetrics API provides telemetry data to third-party monitoring and alerting systems to help proactively detect and respond to anomalies such as an attack in progress.

Samsung Semiconductor US has said that Oracle “will be collaborating with AMD and Samsung on a project that will utilize AMD’s Epyc4 CPUs and Samsung’s Memory Semantic SSD to provide high performance for IMDB and Exadata machines.” The Memory Semantic SSD is a hybrid DRAM and NAND drive with a PCIe 5.0 interface.

Samsung SSD

Hybrid cloud manager and monitor Virtana is integrating its flagship Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) solution, VirtualWisdom, into Virtana Multi-Coud Insights Platform. Virtana MCIP is a unified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform that can consolidate several products into a single tool, helping customers overcome tool sprawl challenges. It has four main products:

  • Infrastructure Performance Management: Ensures maximum performance of the entire infrastructure across multi-cloud environments.
  • Capacity Planning: Forecasts capacity demands, projects how capacity matches to future business objectives, and leverages actionable insights on potential issues.
  • Cost Management: Radically simplifies cloud cost management and cultivates cloud cost accountability.
  • Workload Placement: Plans smarter any-to-any migrations with better decisions about workload priorities, groups, and deployments.