Pliops unveils XDP-Rocks for RocksDB

Pliops XDP
Pliops XDP

Israeli startup Pliops has announced that its Extreme Data Processor (XDP) hardware running XDP-Rocks speeds RocksDB databases throughput by 20x and reduces tail latency by 100x.

The Pliops XDP is hardware that implements a key:value storage-based controller for a group of SSDs. It offloads low-level storage functions from a host x86 processor. Pliops’ newly announced XDP-Rocks is API-compatible with open source RocksDB storage engine technology, a fork of Google’s LevelDB which it says is the de-facto standard for building modern data management software services.

B&F Pliops diagram
B&F diagram

Uri Beitler, Pliops founder and CEO, said: “We are constantly working to enhance our data services engines in terms of value and features – and the introduction of XDP-Rocks is just the tip of the iceberg. XDP-Rocks is enabling our customers to simplify and accelerate key-value based applications including MySQL, MyRocks, Redis, KV-Rocks, TiDB, Kafka, Spark and many more.”

Pliops XDP

XDP-Rocks has drop-in compatibility with RocksDB and Pliops says it eliminates the complexities of migrating applications off the legacy storage engine.

We’re told XDP-Rocks optimizes host server CPU and storage resources resulting in:

  • Massive application performance acceleration
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Greater scalability with use of larger data sets
  • Faster analytics and time-to-insight
  • Reduced blast radius
  • Increased endurance

Weimin Pan, chief architect of Inspur Storage, is a fan: “Our customers rely on us to run their massive data processing applications on those platforms. We are constantly looking at technologies and products to improve node density and reliability – and the Pliops Extreme Data Processor and the API capabilities of XDP-Rocks fit the bill.”

Pliops is demonstrating XDP and XDP-Rocks at the OCP Global Summit, booth #B33, October 18-20, in San Jose.