Liqid staff leave the business amid restructure

Composable systems startup Liqid has confirmed some executive movements near the top of the org chart amid unrelated restructuring on the shop floor.

Liqid has appointed a Chief Revenue Officer, John Bertero, who comes from being COO of Americas for Nutanix. He replaces John Spiers who quit to join Intelliprop as its CEO earlier this month.

Nader Soudah, Liqid’s VP Global Channels and Partnerships, resigned last month as well, and GigIO hired Liqid’s ex-US East Coast Sales Director Charles Jonsons in the same month as its Director of Sales East.

Sumit Puri, CEO and co-founder, told B&F: “John Spiers’ decision to join Intelliprop was his own, and we wish him well. John remains close to the company, and we’re working closely with Intelliprop to advance CXL and composable memory. We continue to make strategic hires that best position the company to continue on our strong growth trajectory. 

“Beyond that, we do not speak to individual departures. We have recently implemented some strategic restructuring of our workforce. The decision was made in order to refine the focus of our business strategy and better invest in the teams and technology required to mainstream composable disaggregated solutions by Liqid in datacenters worldwide.” 

Liqid’s software composes virtual servers, using pools of separate CPU+DRAM, GPU, Optane SSDs, FPGA, networking, and storage resources accessed over a PCI fabric.  They are composed from resource pools when needed and the components returned to their pools when the virtual server is no longer required.

Liqid was founded in 2015 and has raised a total of $150 million, with the last round being a $100 million C-round in December 2021.

Competing startup Fungible has just exited the composable systems market and is concentrating on its DPU-front-ended storage array business.