Talking about an AI revolution? Don’t forget the storage

Sponsored GPUs have revolutionized AI and HPC over the last decade. But they didn’t do this on their own.

The AI and HPC boom could not have happened without massive amounts of data, requiring corresponding leaps in file system and storage technology.

So, what is the state of the art today? What effect will the hybrid cloud era have? And where do new technologies like DPUs and NVM Express over Fabric fit in?

You can get on top of all these questions in this Open Storage Summit Session, Feeding the Data-Hungry GPU Beast, on September 1, 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

The Register’s Tim Prickett Morgan will be joined by Rob Davis, Vice President of Storage Technology at NVIDIA, and Randy Kreiser, Storage Specialist/FAE at Supermicro.

They’ll be examining the role of the programmable, SoC-based DPU in the evolution of data center HPC and AI systems, and the development of NVM Express over Fabrics and how it is expected to change the way storage is architected for HPC and AI systems.

They’ll also be answering practical questions, such as how different organizations’ priorities around performance and data types affect their file system selection.

And they’ll be explaining how GPUDirect Storage can boost storage performance as well as AI and HPC apps, and how you can optimize connectivity between the storage nodes and clusters.

If that’s whetted your appetite, you’ll be glad to know this is just one of many sessions making up Open Storage Summit, brought to you by Supermicro, which bring together data specialists, and data center application professionals.

Whether you’re looking to understand the state of the art when it comes to high performance storage, find practical tips on optimizing your own infrastructure, or work out where the industry is going in the next few years, head here and peruse the agenda now.