Infinidat guarantees one-minute data recovery

High-end storage array supplier Infinidat is making an InfiniSafe Cyber Storage guarantee for data recovery within one minute or less, and adding a performance guarantee too.

InfiniSafe was originally an InfiniGuard array which is fenced off and isolated from a customer’s main network via a private switch. It stores immutable snapshots and backups can be test restored inside this closed and isolated environment to find the last known good backup and recover uncompromised data in the event of a malware attack. An InfiniSafe Reference Architecture extended this to its InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA II enterprise storage products.

Phil Bullinger, Infinidat
Phil Bullinger

Infinidat CEO Phil Bulinger said in a statement: “With the introduction of our InfiniSafe Cyber Storage guarantee, our assured SLAs now span across availability, performance and recovery operations to meet the most demanding data center requirements.”

IDC Research VP Eric Burgener supplied a supporting quote: “With their new performance and cyber storage recovery guarantees, Infinidat is breaking new ground in these areas in ways that drive meaningful value for their enterprise customers.”

The guarantee is that enterprises and service providers recover and restore their data in the wake of a cyberattack by using a guaranteed immutable snapshot dataset with a guaranteed recovery time of one minute or less.

In June, VAST Data offered a “Zero Compromise Guarantee” for its all-flash Universal Storage arrays, with guarantees on uptime and data loss, fixed price maintenance for a decade, free access to future updates, and guaranteed best-in-class data reduction. We envisage that, given the VAST Data and Infinidat moves, other high-end array suppliers will follow suit, meaning Dell Technologies, HPE, IBM, and NetApp.

NetApp and OEM Lenovo have a storage efficiency guarantee dating from 2019. Also in 2019, Fujitsu offered an ETERNUS AF/DX Global Guarantee Program committing to zero downtime, data reduction and 100 percent SSD availability, some degree of customer satisfaction, and support for array expansion and growth.

Infinidat InfiniSafe graphic
Infinidat InfiniSafe graphic

Performance guarantee

Infinidat is adding a performance guarantee to assure customers that Infinidat’s primary storage products will outperform their existing storage products in production environments. The company says it works closely with customers to identify their specific needs for performance and analyze the requirements for each specific workload. Once the workload performance requirements are profiled, Infinidat then provides service level agreements (SLAs) aligned with the specific performance requirements profile and analysis of those workloads.

The company claims that its InfiniBox SSA II provides lower latency than any other comparable enterprise storage platform in the industry, delivering 35 microseconds.

The new guarantees join Infinidat’s existing 100 percent availability guarantee, which was announced in 2019. All four of the Infinidat SLA guarantees are available across all of its consumption models: FLX (storage-as-a-service offering), Elastic Pricing, and traditional purchase.

A customer lauded the guaranteed SLA concept. Laurent Ulrich, head of IT at Justice Court of Basel, Switzerland, said: “In this day and age, according to the cloud strategy we’re just writing, this kind of guaranteed SLA can make all the difference in the world for an enterprise and gives us peace of mind with Infinidat’s powerful commitment.”

An Infinidat blog will be posted to provide background context.