Storage news ticker – July 14

Cloud-enabled data management services supplier Aparavi is partnering with cloud storage suppler Backblaze. This combines Aparavi’s Data Intelligence and Automation Platform and Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to provide cost-effective data management, storage, and access, providing protection and leverage for unstructured data. Aparavi says its software improves storage consolidation and management on Backblaze B2 by revealing hidden data, valuable data assets, and redundant obsolete trivial (ROT) data.

Multimedia technology supplier Avid Technology has updated its NEXIS F-Series of storage systems, scaling out to 30GB/sec throughput, and its VFS Virtual File System. VFS now virtualizes storage into a single pool of shared resources and accelerates collaborative media workflows by allowing teams of any size to quickly and securely access content from anywhere. The NEXIS F-series and VFS are available as a subscription offering via the recently announced Avid NEXIS | FLEX purchase plan. 

Avid NEXIS F-Series storage hardware

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced GA of EKS Anywhere on bare metal, allowing customers to simplify and standardize Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management on customer-managed bare metal infrastructure. Running Kubernetes on bare metal infrastructure is complex, requiring specialized expertise and significant customer investment in time and the tools needed to automate Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management. EKS Anywhere reduces operational complexity when running Kubernetes on premises by allowing customers to use AWS for Kubernetes tooling and support.

ChaosSearch has enhanced Cloud Data Platform’s log analytics capabilities to make it easier for organizations to conduct exploratory and investigative analytics at scale. The additions include:

  • Exact and Wildcard Match – Optimizes search/queries for maximum performance by allowing for the selection of segments a search/query needs to resolve a request during the scope of a query plan. By delivering 2x–5x average improvement, users can find answers faster.
  • Privacy Field Masking – Delivers enhanced flexibility for customers, allowing them to hide sensitive contents of Object Groups columns on demand, and ensuring data privacy and compliance needs are met.
  • Incremental Load for Kibana Discover – Accelerates time to insight by improving data representation and speeding up the time it takes for users to display query results from the ChaosSearch platform in Kibana Discover views.

Dell has added second-generation QLC SSDs to its PowerScale F600 and F900 all-flash products. QLC drives expand the data lake with up to 2x more capacity than previous generations in the same footprint, while delivering savings in consolidated rack space and power/cooling. PowerScale with QLC drives delivers better efficiency with half the power and half the rack space required per TB as compared with the current highest capacity node.

Micron is recruiting a Director for CXL product management. The hired person will manage a team that is charged with defining and executing the strategy for a key Micron memory portfolio category that will position Micron for success in the dynamic and growing memory industry.

Model9, a mainframe to cloud object storage data mover, has added VAST Data to its compatibility matrix and supports VAST’s object storage. When customers want to modernize their mainframe environment with Model9 they can now use VAST’s Universal storage. 

HCI system platform supplier Nutanix has won the UK’s automotive components supplier Unipart as a customer. Its Unipart Powertrain Applications division chose the Nutanix Cloud Platform and AHV hypervisor to eliminate database latency issues impacting the just-in-time delivery capabilities of its automotive parts division. Two clusters have been installed: the first to support day-to-day production workloads followed later by a second for data replication, load balancing and disaster recovery, along with backup to NAS and long-term archiving offsite.

Scotland’s prosecution service, The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), is a Pure Storage customer. The Pure system (FlashArray) helps COPFS to process, manage, store and access the many terabytes of case data it is responsible for. This includes images, CCTV footage and mobile phone extracts in addition to operational data such as emails. Since moving all Oracle case management databases to Pure, COPFS has seen a 15 percent operational improvement in core applications. Pure’s 3:1 data reduction lowers power consumption and reduces environmental impact.

A 2022 State of Data Governance and Empowerment Report from Quest SW and ESG says that 42 percent of survey respondents admitted at least half of their data was “dark data” – retained by the organization, but unused, unmanageable and unfindable. The biggest opportunities to improve DataOps accuracy and efficiency lie in investing in automated technologies and deployment of time-saving tools, such as metadata management. Currently, only 37 percent of respondents describe their DataOps processes as automated, and a similarly small proportion report having automated data cataloging and mapping today (36% and 35% respectively).

MSP backup platform supplier RedStor announced momentum continued to grow in Q2, thanks to increased US demand, product enhancements and two new offices. Redstor streamlines IT workloads by centralizing the backup and management of data on infrastructure, cloud-native environments and a wide array of SaaS platforms. It hired Mike Hanauer as chief revenue officer (CRO), tasked with spearheading global sales expansion.

Samsung announced it has begun sampling the industry’s first 16-gigabit Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) DRAM featuring 24Gbit/sec processing speeds. It’s built on Samsung’s third-generation 10-nanometer-class process (called 1z) using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) technology. The chip has uses an advanced insulating material (High-K Metal Gate – HKMG) that minimizes current leakage. It will deliver 30 percent faster speeds compared to the previous 18Gbit/sec product. When integrated into a premium graphics card, the GDDR6 DRAM can transfer up to 1.1 TB of data, or about 275 full HD movies, in one second. Note: Samsung’s first-generation 10nm-class DRAM is termed 1x, followed by 1y (second-generation), 1z (third-generation), 1a (fourth-generation), and so on. 

Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers is reducing his calendar Q2 revenue estimates for Seagate and Western Digital in the light of second 2022 quarter disk unit shipment data from TrendFocus and other signs. Seagate’s fiscal Q422 (calendar 2022) estimated revenues are now $2.653 billion, down from $2.833 billion. Western Digital revenues are expected to be $4.521 billion instead of $4.625 billion.

Ex-AFA vendor Kaminario, now called Silk and selling database acceleration technology through much faster storage in the cloud, has published an eBook about moving Oracle databases to the cloud. The book takes a look at a few of the challenges that need to be overcome in order to migrate Oracle workloads to the cloud successfully. It shares how the Silk Cloud Platform can help easily overcome these challenges and outlines a real-world example of a telecommunications customer who successfully did just that.

Solidigm has hired Scott Shadley as a strategic planner. He’ll be working on the future direction of storage solutions including security, computational storage, and more. Scott has moved across from being VP Marketing at NGD systems (computational storage supplier) and was at Micron, HGST and STEC before that. 

StorPool Storage CEO Boyan Ivanov has joined the Forbes Technology Council – an invitation-only community for CIOs, CTOs and tech execs. We’re told Ivanov will be invited to work with a professional editorial team to share his expert insights in original business articles on, and to contribute to published Q&A panels alongside other experts.

Mark Glasgow.

Decentralized cloud object storage supplier StorJ has appointed Mark Glasgow as its CRO, responsible for growing revenue with enterprise customers, building out the channel, and leading the sales team. Co-founder and board member John Quinn who was the previous CRO is, obviously, no longer in the position. Glasgow’s CV includes stints at Hammerspace (SVP Worldwide Field Sales And Operations, May 2018–Dec 2020), Micron, Dell and NetApp (SolidFire).

UK Energy company SGN has selected Talend as its data analysis supplier to help the company achieve its own Net Zero target, in line with supporting the UK government’s Net Zero decarbonization objective by 2050. SGN will use Talend’s data integration and management expertise to support its digital transformation plans for complying with regulatory requirements and understanding, and using, improved internal and external quality real-time data for business growth.

Spanish security system distributor Visiotech is going to market Toshiba‘s S300 and S300 Pro hard disk drives (HDDs) for video surveillance data storage in the public and private sectors. The European market for for data storage in security/surveillance applications is estimated to be growing at an annual rate of between 20 and 30 percent. Toshiba’s S300 series video surveillance HDDs are available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 6TB capacities. The S300 Pro series HDDs are available in 6TB, 8TB and 10TB capacities.

Virtana, which provides AI-driven monitoring offerings for hybrid cloud systems, hired Amit Rathi as vice president of engineering. He comes from BMC Software where he served as the senior director of engineering. He brings 20+ years of experience in IT software management. Virtana says it has had unprecedented profitable growth over the last fiscal year and, earlier this year, it raised $73 million in financing.