Veritas Backup Exec sends data to Backblaze cloud


Veritas is offering Backblaze B2 cloud storage as a target store for its Backup Exec software service.

B2 is accessed through the S3 protocol and provides a public cloud alternative to on-premises purpose-built backup appliances such as Dell EMC’s PowerProtect (Data Domain as was), ExaGrid, and Quantum’s Dxi systems. Backup Exec is Veritas’s small and medium enterprise offering and complements its NetBackup enterprise backup software.

Jason Von Eberstein, senior principal product manager of Veritas, said: “Our goal with Backup Exec is to provide a simple, powerful solution that frees business owners from concerns about data loss. Backblaze is a natural partner in this effort and we’re excited to work with them to bring the value of cloud backup to a larger group of businesses and institutions.”

Now any business or institution using Backup Exec can configure their systems to back up data in remote offices, Linux and Unix workloads, virtual or Microsoft workloads, and more, to B2 Cloud Storage. All this takes is a few clicks and it costs one-fifth of the price of traditional (AWS, Azure, etc.) cloud storage vendors, with no data retention minimums or other lock-in fees.

Back in January we wrote: “Backblaze charges customers by storage capacity used ($0.005/GB/month vs AWS $0.021/GB/month) and has low data egress fees ($0.01/GB vs AWS S3’s $0.05/GB).”

Backup Exec has a simple, unified user interface and using B2 cloud storage removes the capital and personnel expense of purchasing and managing on-premises backup data storage.

Nilay Patel, VP of Sales & Partnerships at Backblaze, said: “The Backup Exec service empowers small and medium-sized businesses to do more with less, and to minimize their daily lift around data management and protection. This aligns perfectly with our mission to make storing and using data astonishingly easy – especially for IT teams that already have a ton on their plate.” 

It’s a good deal for Backblaze, enhancing its marketing credentials as a public cloud backup destination target. Now, if it could score a similar deal with Veritas for NetBackup, that would up the B2 cloud storage game substantially.

Backblaze has a similar target designation deal with Catalogic and with Veeam’s Kasten business unit. The B2 cloud can also store CTERA files. The B2 cloud is steadily increasing its data sources and looks set to grow its customer base steadily.

A Backblaze blog post provides a little more information about this deal with Veritas and Backup Exec.