SingleStore rolls out speed and security updates 

SingleStore has updated its combined real-time and analytics database with six features to accelerate and scale use of its database engine, prevent noisy neighbours hogging compute resources and make it simpler and more secure to use.

The company says that its combined function database means that there is no need to run extract, transform and load (ETL) procedures to load an analytics database from a real time data store. Having a single store means that you get analysis results faster.

Raj Verma.

SingleStore CEO Raj Verma, claimed: “[We] bring analytics to applications, scale effectively and deliver superior real-time data experiences. These are the must-haves for modern databases, and I am beyond eager to see what’s next.”

The new features include:

  • Workspaces
  • Universal language support with WASM
  • Data API
  • Security enhancements 
  • dbt Connector
  • Flexible Parallelism

A workspace is a logical construct set up for an individual workload and its data. Compute can be applied to a workload without interfering with other workspaces. SingleStore says customers can have isolated workspaces for different types of workloads and scale them independently.

WASM stands for Web Assembly and is a portable binary-code format and text format for executable computer programs. It also includes software interfaces for setting up interactions between these programs and a host environment. It means external computer programs can run against SingleStore data. SingleStore says this enhancement will enable developers to securely and efficiently execute any computation in the database using their language of choice.

Abel Mascarenhas, IT Unit Manager for Millennium BCP, said: “The code engine for WASM in SingleStore is a catalyst for extracting value from our data faster and cheaper by leveraging our enterprise code base in real-time SQL.”

The Data API is a way of using HTTP to run SQL operations against the database rather than a persistent TCP connection. The connection is dynamically reconfigured as each HTTP request-response sequence is its own connection.

The security improvements are twofold; added internal capabilities to strengthen data security and increased security integration with a customer’s chosen cloud service provider.

The dbt connector enables data engineers and analysts to build and manage data pipelines simply, and perform enrichment/transformations using SQL. Many analytical databases and data warehouses have connectors to dbt, but SingleStore claims it is the only one that can integrate with dbt to power low-latency applications.

Finally, flexible parallelism (FP) enables customers to use all the cores on their servers to process a single query, effectively making the query performance faster, potentially many times faster. 

Six incremental improvements to make a SingleStore job go faster, scale more easily, be simpler to set up and run in a more secure environment.