ZFS– Zettabyte File System devised by Sun Microsystems in 2001 and part of its Solaris OS. It later became open-source software.

ZFS was built for scale and supports up to 256 quadrillion zettabytes of storage capacity with a single file system capable of scaling to 16 exabytes. It includes a volume manager which means the file system can operate across a logical pool formed from a group of disk drives. ZFS supports copy-on-write, snapshots, veriofication of data integrity, automatic repair and RAID-Z.

The OpenZFS website says: “RAIDZ is a variation on RAID-5 that allows for better distribution of parity and eliminates the RAID-5 “write hole” (in which data and parity become inconsistent after a power loss). Data and parity is striped across all disks within a raidz group. A raidz group can have single, double, or triple parity, meaning that the raidz group can sustain one, two, or three failures, respectively, without losing any data.”