VAST links arms with Vertica for fast analytics

All-flash scale-out file and object storage supplier VAST Data is using Vertica’s analytics software with the aim of wrangling data from VAST’s array at high speed.

Micro Focus-owned Vertica provides its Unified Analytics Platform as SaaS across all major public clouds and on-premises datacenters, and integrates data in cloud object storage.

Now with VAST and Vertica, customers get to use a single system for both data warehouse and data lake. Jeff Denworth, VAST Data co-founder and CMO, said: “VAST’s entry into the Vertica ecosystem allows customers of both companies to benefit from hyperscale flash storage and industry-leading data reduction, unlocking greater operational efficiency and faster performance to implement advanced analytics – at a fraction of the cost of the public cloud.”

Vertica’s SQL-based Unified Analytics Platform has a massively scalable architecture and analytical functions spanning event and time series, pattern matching, geospatial, and end-to-end in-database machine learning. VAST Universal Storage has a disaggregated shared everything (DASE) architecture with a single tier of flash storage for all data

The VAST and Vertica alliance supports the fusing of the data lake and data warehouse architectures so providing a one-stop shop for customer’s structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. The companies said customers get to benefit from real-time storage performance for all their use-cases: data-warehouse analytics, ad-hoc queries, and complex data science jobs. And they get simplified management from eliminating the data warehouse and data lake separation. 

As Vertica’s Eon Mode separates compute from storage functions, each can scale independently and achieve workload isolation for different types of analytics. 

VAST diagram showing separate Vertica jobs
VAST diagram showing separate Vertica jobs

The two also claim that their combination delivers 3x faster database queries than legacy all-flash NAS (meaning, we guess, PowerScale/Isilon), 2x better datacenter density at lower cost, and consistent quality of service without performance degradation or resource contention.

VAST and Vertica are providing an on-premises offering. The pair have published a joint technical validation guide and a solution brief

Vertica also partnered with NetApp in November last year to have its cloud-native analytics software run on NetApp StorageGRID object storage.

At the time, parent Micro Focus said Vertica with StorageGRID has a fast multi-site, active-active architecture and can perform queries 10-25 times faster than conventional databases. It also claimed that the separation of Vertica’s compute and storage architecture in Eon Mode allowed admin staff to use StorageGRID as the main data warehouse repository or as a data lake.