Storage news ticker – March 31

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Danish cloud backup supplier Keepit announced the opening of its first two datacenters in Canada. Keepit is partnering with Equinix, enabling Keepit to provide a data storage offering that follows Canadian laws and regulations for businesses operating inside and outside of Canada. It says the datacenters will increase the company’s ability to offer low-latency data backup and recovery services across platforms such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce.

Backup-as-a-Service supplier Druva says its Data Resiliency Cloud has surpassed an average of 11 million daily users and it has over 220PB of data under management in the cloud. Its customer base is on track to complete more than 4 billion backups annually. More than one-third of all Druva customers now protect multiple workloads with the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, while daily backup activity has surged by more than 60 percent over the last 12 months, it said.

Informatica has announced its Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Retail, which increases supply chain and inventory management efficiencies and unifies customer data. It is helping retail customers like Hershey, Unilever, Ulta Beauty, and Yum! brands to:

  1. Boost productivity and cut costs by reducing business overhead and manual work for managing supplier information 
  2. Shrink supplier onboarding and qualification time from weeks to days 
  3. Improve collaboration, assess compliance and risk
  4. Negotiate pricing and payment terms spending across the business

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File life cycle manager Komprise has seen “rampant market uptake” of its value proposition for unstructured data management. It’s not releasing any numbers, though. Co-founder, president, and COO Krishna Subramanian told “We doubled the rate of new customer acquisition last year, and our existing customers are also expanding their footprint: both of these contributed to our strong growth.”

NVMe/TCP storage supplier Lightbits will be supported as part of OpenStack Yoga, the latest release of the OpenStack open-standard cloud computing platform. OpenStack clusters will have access to software-defined block storage that delivers cloud-native, high-performance, scale-out, and highly available NVMe/TCP storage. Lightbits has committed to ensure interoperability with and availability through all OpenStack future releases.

Cloud file services supplier Nasuni is opening an Innovation Centre in Cork, Ireland, and will create up to 55 new senior engineering jobs over the next three years. The company is also expanding its presence in Germany, Benelux, and England as part of its global expansion. It has hired Derek Murphy as VP of Engineering EMEA, and he comes with experience from Forcepoint, McAfee, Intel, and Apple. Nasuni has a hybrid working arrangement in place across all its offices as it transitions out of COVID-19 measures. As Nasuni Ireland scales and hires people, the company intends to open a physical facility in the near future. 

Researchers at the University of Vienna, the National Research Council (CNR), and the Polytechnic University of Milan have built a quantum memresistor device using a photonic quantum processor operating on single photons guided on a superposition of paths through waveguides laser-written on a glass substrate. One path measured the photon flow through the device and, using a feedback system, controlled coherent quantum information. A paper published in Nature explains the concept and proposes that it could be used in neuromorphic computing.

Cloud data backup startup Rewind is launching Backups for Jira, an automated backup and on-demand data recovery tool that protects a Jira Cloud Instance and all associated data. Rewind’s suite of cloud backup and recovery solutions support platforms like GitHub, Microsoft 365, and Trello. Rewind has also launched a game – Cover Your SaaS – that brings a touch of fun while building awareness of all the different threats that businesses face regarding SaaS data loss. 

SMART Modular Technologies has announced the next generation of its DuraFlash ME2 family of SATA SSD products, which includes industry-standard M.2 2242, M.2 2280, mSATA, Slim SATA and 2.5” form factors. They are available in both industrial and commercial temperature grades and have versions that implement SMART’s SafeDATA power-loss, data-protection technology for graceful handling of power fluctuations and sudden power loss events. They use greater than 96-layer 3D NAND, are available in industrial and commercial temperature grades, and have a lower cost/bit than prior models.

StorONE is announcing a Backup-Infrastructure-as-a-Service (BIaaS) using its on-premises S1:Backup arrays in an opex consumption model. There is an introductory price of $5,450 per month for 1.2PB capacity.  StorONE says it will revolutionize the economics of backup storage. A webinar has more details.

Replicator WANdisco has signed a follow-on agreement worth $1.2 million with a top 10 global communications company on top of an initial $1.5 million commit-to-consume agreement. The initial opportunity covered the migration of 8PB of data from Hadoop to the cloud. The extension covers more data to be migrated.

It’s World Backup Day today and many suppliers are saying organisations should back up their data and protect it from ransomware. The best way of doing this is, naturally, to use that supplier’s products and services.