Storage news ticker – March 23

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Storage powerhouse DDN is working on a reference architecture with Nvidia to have its A3I A1400X2 EXAScaler array, announced last November, integrated with Nvidia’s DGX A100 GPU server.

HPE has announced availability of HPE GreenLake for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI as an integrated system, pre-built and configured for faster deployment and easier integration. This is a cloud service that allows users to run Windows and Linux virtual machines in a hybrid cloud environment, on-premises and at the edge, and leverages Microsoft Azure tools and services with a pre-configured, pay-per-use service from HPE GreenLake.

Worldline, a European-based global payments provider, has selected the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to meet the accelerated growth of online transactions. Through HPE GreenLake’s flexible as-a-service model and HPE Financial Services’ asset renewal program, funding approximately 25 per cent of the platform refresh, Worldline achieved this upgrade with no upfront investment.

HPE today announced that BMW Group, the manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, has selected the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to streamline and unify data management across its global locations and the cloud. As part of the agreement, HPE will provide cloud services for big data, backup, recovery, and compliant archiving, enabling BMW Group to manage distributed data via a single platform with a globally consistent cloud experience.

GigaIO has started production on the CDI testbed for the Lonestar6 system at the University of Texas in Austin. Lonestar6 is a 600-node system utilizing AMD Milan-based servers from Dell Technologies and A100 GPUs from Nvidia, and is the first platform at the Texas Advanced Computing Center to incorporate GigaIO’s Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) to benefit from decentralized server infrastructure. CDI pools compute and hardware accelerators over a software-defined, PCIe-based memory fabric, providing access to more processing power and storage when needed, and allowing for easy sharing of those resources, thereby increasing their utilization. 

ionir has hired two new executives: Tad Lebeck as SVP of product development, and Barak Azulay as VP of engineering. Prior to ionir, Lebeck founded and led Nuvoloso and served as chief technology officer at Huawei, Symantec Technologies and Legato Systems. 

Ceph storage software and hardware builder SoftIron has set up a wholly owned subsidiary and established an office in Singapore’s central business district. It  will enable SoftIron to provide support for its regional customers and serve as an anchor point as the company explores plans to launch a dedicated supply chain tower facility to support its globally distributed manufacturing operations. SoftIron currently operates across the UK, US, Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, and New Zealand. 

WANdisco has announced a deal worth $1.5 million with a top ten global telco to use the company’s LiveData Migrator and LiveData Migrator for Azure to automate the migration of Hadoop data to AWS and Azure. This contract is structured as a Commit-to-Consume transaction. Currently the telco collects data from smart meters and loads it into an on-premises Hadoop cluster. WANdisco tech will be used to migrate 8PB of data from Hadoop to the cloud with the potential to extend this use case across architectures and geographies.