Storage news ticker – 8 March

Real-time data company DataStax has announced a new Operator for K8ssandra, the cloud-native, open-source distribution of Apache Cassandra on Kubernetes. It supports multiple Kubernetes clusters, enabling organisations to easily deploy critical, real-time applications that require high availability on Kubernetes, across multiple regions. Users can create a single Cassandra cluster spanning multiple Kubernetes clusters across multiple regions, providing a single control plane for simplified configuration, management, and operations. This delivers low latency as data sits close to users who are distributed across the globe.

A think tank of global technology leaders and Delphix, a supplier of DevOps test data management software, have announced the formation of, a non-profit organisation focused on advancing global sustainability through technology leadership. aims to unite IT leaders and experts from around the world to define best practices and standard metrics for three pillars of sustainability – environmental, societal, and governance – in order to drive transparency and progress towards a sustainable future. Delphix is a technical advisor to and has two seats on its board.

Intel has introduced its Agilex M-Series FPGAs, the claimed industry-leading memory bandwidth FPGAs with in-package HBM2e DRAM. New features include the industry’s highest DSP compute density in an HBM-enabled FPGA and greater than 2X fabric performance per watt versus competitive 7nm FPGAs. Memory options include DDR5 and Optane Persistent Memory.

A tape-based object storage PoINT Archival Gateway enables EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) to back up research data from hard disk drive-based object storage systems to an IBM TS4500 tape library using TS1160 drives and media. The PoINT software receives the data via the standardised S3 interface and writes it directly to tape – without the need for a hard disk buffer. EMBL, located at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridgeshire, England, stores research data and compressed data of less than 1MB up to 100GB in size, with a current dataset of approximately 50PB. PoINT Archival Gateway provides the required read and write rate of at least 1PB per week. 

PoINT EMBL Archival Gateway deployment

Toshiba has confirmed the nearline disk drive roadmap outlined in February by CEO and president Hiroyuki Sato and CTO Seiichi Mori at an Investor Day  conference. The upcoming generations of Toshiba Nearline HDDs are expected to have reached 35TB before the end of FY2024 and gone beyond 40TB by 2026. A slide contains the basic information:

Toshiba says it has substantial scope to keep on ramping up capacity levels in the longer term, while also reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) involved. 

Long-distance, high-speed data mover Vcinity has announced a turnkey hybrid cloud system using Dell servers through a collaboration with Dell’s OEM Engineered Solutions programme. Harry Carr, CEO of Vcinity, said: “This integrated solution will dramatically simplify customers’ ability to both use data on-premises with applications in the cloud and/or migrate data to the cloud faster. Essentially, this solidifies Vcinity as a critical component in the hybrid cloud landscape.”

Cloud data warehouser Yellowbrick Data has appointed Tim Young as chief marketing officer. It says he has a track record as a builder and go-to-market expert in data warehousing, AI, and analytics markets, representing hypergrowth brands including DataRobot and Netezza. Jeff Spicer, Yellowbrick’s previous CMO, left in December 2021 to join Rimini Street, a provider of third-party enterprise software support services, as its CMO.