Storage news ticker – March 3

File share outfit Box reported preliminary $233.4 million revenues for its Q4 ended January 31, up 17 per cent year-on-year. There was a net loss of $4.33 million, slightly lower than the year-ago $4.9 million. Remaining Performance Obligations (RPOs) went up 19 per cent to $1.1 billion. Full 2022 revenues were $874.3 million, up 13 per cent with a loss of $41.45 million, compared to a loss of $43.43 million in fiscal 2021. Next quarter’s revenues are expected to be between $233 million and $235 million, and 2023 revenues to be between $990 million and $996 million.

Research scientists have boosted DNA storage write speeds by increasing the number of letters in the DNA alphabet from the four (A, T, C and G) DNA base nucleotide sequences to seven by adding an extended molecular alphabet combining natural and chemically modified nucleotides. Data is encoded seven letters at a time and read through Oxford Nanopore sequencers. They say that, overall, the extended molecular alphabet may potentially offer a nearly twofold increase in storage density and potentially the same order of reduction in recording latency, thereby enabling new implementations of molecular recorders. But using current technologies, writing 100 bits of information requires nearly two hours. Writing 1MB will take nearly 10 hours. B&F thinks this it is commercially unusable, no matter how many years DNA storage is supposed to last and how dense it is (Library of Congress in a thimble and that sort of thing).

Microchip Technology announced the newest member of the Flashtec family, the PCIe 5 NVMe 4016 SSD controller with 16 high-speed programmable NAND Flash channels capable of up to 2400MT/sec, and the industry’s highest-performing controller of its kind. It addresses market demand for high-reliability, high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) delivering greater than 14GB/sec throughput and 3 million IOPS. It has advanced Credit Management technology, supports NVMe v2.0, PCIe link encryption, and offers a stringent Quality of Service (QoS) required by cloud-focused datacentre applications. Solidigm thinks it is a good fit for TLC, QLC, and future NAND technologies, hinting at PLC. The NVMe 4016 is ready for Sapphire Rapids and its PCIe 5 support.

DDN-owned Tintri announced 42 per cent global revenue growth from 1H2021 to 2H2021, including a double-digit revenue increase from new customers. It is rebounding after a lukewarm few quarters and has a newly structured global executive sales team featuring Zachary Bertamini, VP Sales, Americas; Josh Marlar, VP Global Business Development;  Mark Walsh, VP Sales, EMEA; and Norimasa Ono, GM Sales, Japan. These are all internal promotions.