Storage news ticker – 2 March

Datadobi, known for migration and data management ambitions, says the CBX agency has moved its data from an end-of-life NetApp system to a new one, using DobiMigrate migration software. It involved all of CBX’s client and internal business production data housed across two geographically dispersed locations in Minneapolis and New York City. Don Piraino, IT Manager, CBX, said: ”Typically, we use NetApp SnapMirror, but we knew it wasn’t the answer for this level of a migration. With DobiMigrate, we finished in weeks, rather than in months, with not even one hiccup.” 

FD Technologies has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft to expand the reach of its KX Insights streaming data analytics platform as more organisations look to modernise their data infrastructure for real-time decision making. KX Insights will be embedded natively on the Azure platform as a first class service, with KX generating revenue based on consumption. KX has also agreed to work with Microsoft to target new applications and services that will accelerate innovation and growth for organisations in the financial services sector. Adding streaming data capabilities is becoming a strong news trend – witness Druid, Imply, Ocient, Firebolt and Hazelcast.

ionir has bagged a US patent for its system and method for operating a storage system. It represents Ionir’s core architecture for its container native storage (CNS) technology: a Kubernetes-native, software defined, data services platform. Current storage systems and methods don’t enable users to store, retrieve or manipulate data in a storage system based on the logical context of the data. Typically, to store data in or retrieve from a storage system, users will need to specify a reference – such as a file name or physical location like a disc. Most CNS solutions still require complex backup, snapshot and restore. ionir is the only CNS technology that enables instant movement of data to/from any cluster, anywhere – and allows instant access to any point in time. 

Lightbits Labs has been assigned a patent (11,256,431) for “a storage system having a field programmable gate array.” The abstract states: “A field programmable gate array (FPGA), that includes a trusted FPGA logic, an untrusted FPGA logic and a monitor; wherein the monitor is configured to monitor the untrusted FPGA logic and prevent the untrusted FPGA logic from violating predefined constrains imposed on an operation of the untrusted FPGA logic; wherein the predefined constraints are stored in a memory region of the FPGA that is not accessible to the untrusted FPGA logic.”

Seagate and EVS, which supplies live video technology for broadcast and new media productions, announced a collaboration to provide mass capacity mobile storage and data transfer services for media and entertainment businesses. This will use Seagate’s Lyve Mobile edge storage and data transfer service.

IBM is partnering with Wanclouds to have its VPC+ Disaster Recovery as a Service and Multi-Cloud Migration sold on the IBM Cloud Marketplace. Companies can leverage VPC+ to orchestrate and manage on-demand cloud backups and multi-cloud migrations for cloud-native workloads and restore them when needed in the same or different regions within the IBM Cloud.  It can backup existing Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters on IBM Cloud and on-premises or edge Red Hat OpenShift clusters to IBM Cloud. VPC+ for IBM offers both a 30-day free trial (lite plan) and enterprise plan for its Disaster Recovery as a Service for IBM-managed Kubernetes Service & Red Hat OpenShift managed clusters. 

Cloud backup storage target Wasabi is now certified for use with Veritas NetBackup. It says users of Wasabi hot cloud storage and Veritas NetBackup benefit from more affordable, predictable pricing, simplified cloud storage and data management, and best-in-class security and recovery features to protect against ransomware and other threats, all at enterprise scale. 

Furiously fast filesystem producer WEKA has appointed Nilesh Patel as its first Chief Product Officer as it enters, it says, hyper-growth. Patel brings more than 30 years of experience to WEKA, having served in several product management and marketing leadership roles with Intel, NetApp, and Palo Alto Networks, among others.

Red Pro 20TB

Western Digital has expanded its Red Pro NAS disk drive range with a 20TB model having 9 x 2.2TB platters courtesy of its OptiNAND technology. This has a 64GB iNAND UFS flash drive embedded in the controller and enables more tracks on the platters. The new disk spins at 7.200rpm, has a 6Gbit/s SAS interface and a max sustained data transfer rate of 268BMB/sec; 4MB/sec slower than the 18TB Red Pro oddly. Endurance and workload parameters are the same as for the 18TB Red Pro.

Zadara (managed cloud edge services) has renewed its sponsorship of Sauber Motorsport, which manages and operates the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN. Zadara cloud services, which use the ultra-fast ISER interface with VMware compute, provide simultaneous access to real-time, data-driven insights in the driver’s seat, in the paddock, and in the team’s factory in Hinwil, Switzerland. The new Zadara-sponsored Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN car, the C42, was revealed on February 27, along with team drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu.