A bigger splash: StorPool deepens revenue in 2021

StorPool grew revenues by 30 per cent year-over-year in 2021 and has introduced a new version of its software with a mass of improvements.

Boyan Ivanov.

The product is scale-out, shared block storage software which runs on Linux and pools disk and SSD capacity resources across a cluster of commodity servers. Version 19.4, delivered six months after v19.3, has better speed, agility, reliability, updated hardware and software compatibility, management and monitoring changes, and improvements in the business continuity area. It includes support for up to 16 server Instances per node, an updated metadata structure, support for OpenNebula version 6.2 and much more – there’s a list here.

Boyan Ivanov, StorPool CEO & co-founder, issued a statement: “2021 was a successful year for StorPool with increased customer traction, numerous product improvements and valuable new team members joining the company.”

StorPool increased its headcount  by an average of 25 per cent in 2020 and 2021. It says it is one of the few cash-flow-positive storage vendors in the world and is enjoying double- and triple-digit growth. It also has a 92 per cent Net Promoter Score.

Alex Ivanov, product lead at StorPool Storage, said “We keep advancing StorPool Storage to meet the product maturity expectations of current and potential customers, especially power users with large-scale clouds like IT services providers and SaaS/e-commerce leaders.”

Get a technical overview of the product here.