Storage news ticker – January 20

Datto intends to acquire Infocyte, a threat detection and response company, for an undisclosed amount. Datto will thus add endpoint detection and response (EDR) technologies and managed detection and response (MDR) services into its security portfolio. The acquisition is intended to help its MSPs better address their customers’ security needs.

Cloud-scale security analytics platform supplier Panther Labs announced a new offering: Panther for Snowflake, developed in partnership with Snowflake to provide purpose-built security monitoring and threat detection. It is available immediately and contains out-of-the-box detections to help security teams monitor activity and validate security configurations in their Snowflake Data Cloud. Security teams can collect and analyse Snowflake logs in real time to detect tampering or unwanted changes to security settings and monitor for incidents or security risks. Snowflake event logs are aggregated, normalised and analysed along with security events from other systems so security teams have greater visibility into potential threats across their entire IT infrastructure from cloud to on-premises.

RAIDIX has a new version of its ERA software RAID, v3.4.1, which includes Linux kernel Ubuntu 20.04 HWE, and RHEL/CentOS 8.5 operating system support. The developers say they have significantly improved the DKMS functioning and made the XFS support and the initial starting of the scanner functionality more efficient.

StorPool Storage has published its latest update on the Public Cloud Performance Measurement Report, showing up to 2.5 times better performance for StorPool’s clusters compared to the second-best public cloud offering, Amazon EBS. The report compares the performance of the block storage offerings of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoſt Azure, Linode and OVHcloud and pits them against StorPool’s Katapult public cloud. Katapult is a virtual Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform developed by independent UK web hosting Krystal. See the report and testing results here.

Chart from StorPool’s Public Cloud Performance Measurement Report.

Industry research outfit TRENDFOCUS has announced a Tape & Archive Storage Service alongside its existing disk and SSD services. Mark Geenen, TRENDFOCUS founder and president, said “We’re expecting a complete re-definition of the technology roadmap for tape, and we’re thrilled by the response we’re receiving from our long-standing clients. Just as hyperscale has already impacted the direction of both HDD and NAND flash storage design and usage, we’re expecting similar movement from tape as enterprise management starts to shift to seeking lower cost options.” 

The TRENDFOCUS Tape and Archive Storage Service will initially establish baseline trends on how tape is solving for major providers’ needs, then the service will evolve to include how both HDD and flash solutions could contribute to archive storage in the future. Coverage of other exciting new technologies such as DNA storage will also enlighten the long-term directions for archival storage over the coming decades.

Veeam co-founder Ratmir Timashev has contributed to a $1.5 million seed round for Latvia-based Monq Lab, which develops a self-hosted, topology-based, AIOps incident control and automation platform for enterprises. The investment will be used for the expansion of marketing and sales operations in North America and EMEA. Monq’s free, fully featured community edition is already available for download from its web page.