Storage news ticker – January 10

Kelly Hopping.

According to the UK Guardian, EU police agency Europol will have to delete at least 4PB of personal data it is unlawfully storing. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), the responsible agency, says the data came from crime reports, encrypted phone services, and asylum seekers never convicted of crimes. In effect Europol has been found guilty of mass surveillance of at least 250,000 people. Europol argues it is in the right and EDPS has misinterpreted the current rules.

Data protector HYCU has appointed Kelly Hopping as its first CMO after she had completed a six-month sabbatical way from paid employment. Hopping was a Global VP and CMO for Garner Digital Markets from April 2019 to March 2021. Prior to that she was a marketing exec for Rackspace, AMD, Dell and Kraft Foods Group. At HYCU she will be responsible for results-driven marketing, brand awareness campaigns and strategy.

Bill Basinas.


Enterprise storage array vendor Infinidat has hired Bill Basinas as its senior director for product marketing. He’s been a product director for major accounts at Firefly Holdings, providing pre-sales tech enablement to the Dell EMC customer base, with previous stints at HPE (twice), Tarmin (twice) , EMC (where he was a colleague of Infinidat CMO Eric Herzog), Avamar and Legato before that. 

DRAM and NAND manufacturer Micron is on the hunt for a huge US semiconductor foundry location, according to the Idaho Statesman news outlet. Micron will spend up to $40 billion building and equipping the plant and potential sites are in Arizona, California, Texas and North Carolina, where it is looking at a 2,150-acre site southwest of Raleigh. It told the Statesman: “Locations are being vetted across a number of factors including site availability suitable for a fab, access to a strong talent pool, reliable and cost-competitive utility services, alignment with our corporate sustainability objectives, and a favourable regulatory environment. … There are multiple factors that inform our decision to invest billions of dollars to construct and operate a fab. We will share specific locations as we close on unique investment targets.”

Korea-based Samsung says its fourth 2021 quarter should show revenues up 23.5 per cent to ₩76 trillion ($63.1 billion) with ₩3.8 trillion ($11.5 billion) operating profit — up 52.5 per cent. This is due to record DRAM and NAND demand for servers. The operating profit was lower than some analysts expected due to a bonus payment to employees, mobile phone marketing costs and display panel manufacturing ramp costs. Full results should be published around the end of January.