Storage news ticker tape – December 24

Lenovo has published a reference architecture for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.9 solution based on the Lenovo ThinkSystem platform. The document provides a technical overview of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, which is built around a core of application containers powered by CRI-O, with orchestration and management provided by Kubernetes, on a foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS (RHCOS).


TrendForce says the Chinese city of Xi’an has been placed under lockdown due to a local outbreak of the Delta variant. Samsung operates two 3D NAND memory fabs in Xi’an and wafer inputs at the two fabs account for 42.5 per cent of Samsung’s total NAND Flash production capacity. At the moment, the lockdown of the city is not expected to have a notable impact on these fabs.The municipal government has been authorized to enforce very severe restrictions on the movements of people and goods. While Samsung has finished arranging most of the memory product shipments for the period from the end of 2021 to middle of January next year, the company could face logistical issues related to the Xi’an lockdown in the near future and experience delays in shipments.

TrendForce’s investigations indicate that the lockdown will have no impact on Micron’s packaging and testing operations, although potential issues with logistics still remain to be seen.

Adata’s XPG (Xtreme Performance Gear) will demo a concept product at CES 2022 called XPG VAULT, a wired USB-C mouse that wants to be “your gaming library, in the palm of your hand”. It c an integrate up to 1TB of Solid State memory running at 985MB/sec and a Gaming Launcher software to make gaming libraries conveniently portable and a higher level of game integration with XPG Prime Software Ecosystem.