Brrr – Coldago goes on its annual file and object mapping exercise

Research analyst Philippe Nicolas, otherwise known as monsieur Coldago, has issued its 2021 editions of its file and object storage maps, which list and ranks vendors. Surprisingly WekaIO is not a file storage leader and neither is Scality, a leader in object storage.

The maps position vendors in four columns ranged along a vision and strategy axis from left (niches) through specialists and challengers to leaders (right). There is a vertical axis running from low to high and rating execution and capabilities. The size of a vendor’s dot indicates its market presence.

File storage leaders ranked in execution and capabilities order are DDN, NetApp, IBM, Pure Storage, Qumulo and VAST Data. Intel, with DAOS, is not mentioned, and neither is Egnyte.

The file storage map;

We note that HPE has a low ranking and it partners with several file storage vendors.

The leading object storage vendors are IBM, Pure Storage, NetApp, Hitachi Vantara, Cloudian and MinIO. The object storage map;

HPE has no presence and, again, it partners with object storage vendors. The two storage map reports are available from Coldago as paid-for research.