Storage news ticker – December 13


Cloud-native data linking platform Confluent announced the availability of Confluent Data Streaming Service on Alibaba Cloud. That means customers in mainland China now have a data-streaming platform to harness the flow of real-time data across entire organisations. It’s available in the Alibaba Marketplace.

A Microsoft Windows 11 update, KB5007262, “Addresses an issue that affects the performance of all disks (NVMe, SSD, hardisk) on Windows 11 by performing unnecessary actions each time a write operation occurs. This issue occurs only when the NTFS USN journal is enabled. Note, the USN journal is always enabled on the C: disk.” That means hard disk drives and SSDs. There is background information to this slow drive write speed issue in Mspoweruser.

TrendForce expects server DRAM prices will decrease by about 8–13 per cent in the first calendar quarter of 2022 due to slowdown in procurement activities. Server DRAM prices will experience the most severe declines compared to the other quarters in 2022.

VMware has announced Amazon FSx with NetApp ONTAP Integration for VMware Cloud on AWS. With this capability, you can attach a fully-managed NFS datastore built on NetApp’s ONTAP file system to the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC and scale the storage environment as needed without the need to purchase additional host instances. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP offers file storage with compression and deduplication to help reduce storage costs. It provides ONTAP’s data management capabilities, like snapshots, clones, and replication across a hybrid cloud environment that will, VMware says, improve staff productivity and responsiveness.

Active data replicator WANdisco announced a contract with a top-five UK banking group to migrate an initial 500TB to AWS using WANdisco’s LiveData Migrator platform. The bank will maintain a hybrid cloud between on-premises and the cloud for several years and is the first of four identified use cases — representing in aggregate more than 3PB of data — that have been highlighted by the bank. The initial contract will be a subscription licence for 500TB of data, with a view of moving to a ‘commit to consume’ relationship in the future as further use cases are introduced.