22dot6 adds extra cloudiness to its Valence software

All-singing, all-dancing TASS (Transcendent Abstracted Storage System) supplier 22dot6 has updated its Valence software — making it easier to set up and operate private, hybrid, and public cloud storage.

22dot6 is not your usual storage supplier. It was founded in 2015, has just five staff listed in LinkedIn, and no known external funding. Hammerspace-like Valence was first announced in May and, as of now, we don’t know how many customers 22dot 6 has for the software.

Diamond Lauffin.

But its founder, Diamond Lauffin, has a long-term storage industry track record — co-founding, for example, Nexsan and being an EVP sales at Qualstar from 1993 to 2000. In other words, take it seriously.

Valence VSR storage controller.

A Lauffin announcement statement said: “Most enterprise storage managers are getting pressure from upstairs to shift to the cloud, but often times it is difficult for executives not on the front line to understand what’s actually involved in this process, and how complicated it can be. A TASS architecture is the answer, and from sunrise to sunset the Valence Cloud Suite combines the features and optimal practices required for enterprise level data management in the cloud.” 

This Valence Cloud Suite release adds:

  • Point-and-click private cloud setup;
  • Unifies private and public clouds into a single pool;
  • Cloud-to-cloud data migrations and reverse migrations with no pointers, links or stub files;
  • Transparent, multi-protocol, cross-platform support for all security and permissions with a single point-and-click;
  • Metadata-level analytics, lookups and data reports of public cloud data;
  • Individual, file-level data integrity audits that run transparently in the background and provide a red light/green light analysis of all data, protecting against file deletion, modification, corruption, or disappearance;
  • Geographic control over where data subject to regulation is located and file level data immutability.


We know of no independent analysis of the TASS software, and no evidence of 22dot6 engagement with analysts like Gartner, Forrester, ESG or the Evaluator Group. Contact 22dot6 to find out more.

This could be great storage software and have its use grow quickly, or it could be a storage curio — terrific in its own right but not a mass-market product. Keep your eyes on it just in case.