Storage news ticker – November 15

Backblaze is trading publicly after its IPO ran with no fuss. It went public on November 11. A Backblaze blog reads: “It means we have more resources with IPO proceeds to increase investment in the development of our Storage Cloud platform and the B2 Cloud Storage and Computer Backup services that run on it.” Backblaze plans to expand its sales and marketing efforts to bring Backblaze to more businesses, developers, and individuals.

Codenotary’s open-source immudb database (download here) provides data immutability at scale and, with its v1.1. update, can be deployed in cluster configurations for applications that require high scalability — up to billions of transactions per day — and high availability. The Amazon S3 storage cloud can be used as a back end tier so that the database isn’t limited in capacity by on-premises disk space. Data in immudb comes with cryptographic verification at every transaction to ensure there is no tampering possible. It supports SQL, making it possible to move data to immudb without having to make changes to applications.

Fujifilm Recording Media USA and the iRODS Consortium announced a collaboration and integration, creating a joint solution built upon FujiFilm Object Archive objects-on-tape software and the iRODS data management platform. FujiFilm Object Archive becomes a deep-tier archive storage target while iRODS provides a data management platform for users. The Object Archive software has been tested with the iRODS S3 plugin and fully supports the Amazon S3 abstraction that iRODS provides. Fujifilm and the iRODS Consortium jointly added functionality comparable to Amazon’s Glacier to the iRODS S3 Resource Plugin. This new functionality will be available as part of the upcoming iRODS 4.2.11 release.

HPE Primera arrays can now be managed with a cloud operational experience like the newer Alletra arrays. They are managed in the cloud with GreenLake for storage and its SaaS-based Data Services Cloud Console. Both Primera and Alletra arrays can be managed through this console. The change comes courtesy of Primera OS 4.4,and more details can be found in an HPE blog

Data security company Protegrity announced the appointment of ex-Pure Storage COO Paul Mountford as the company’s new CEO. Mountford said: “Protecting sensitive data in use, in transit, and in storage across cloud and on-premises environments is one of most pressing concerns for companies as hybrid-cloud computing and AI solutions accelerate. Protegrity is the best solution on the market today, and I look forward to working with our customers, our partners, and the Protegrity team in further establishing Protegrity as the leading platform for protecting critical data for enterprises globally.” 

TigerGraph has updated its open source Graph Data Science Library with:

  • Library collection — 20+ new algorithms, including embedding algorithms for graph ML.
  • Library structure and management — Improved organization, grouping algorithms by category, and placing each algorithm in its own folder with a README and Change Log file. The repository will use tags to identify major releases.

A blog by VP Of Machine Learning and AI, Victor Lee, discusses the details.

Startup Zesty has raised $35 million in A-round funding. Its Zesty Disk product uses machine learning to proactively expand and shrink AWS cloud disk volumes according to real-time application needs. It creates a virtual disk comprised of several EBS volumes. These volumes can be detached to reduce provisioned storage or additional volumes can be attached to increase provisioned storage. Attaching additional EBS volumes to the virtual disk has the added benefit of extra IOPS, for a significantly lower price. Download a Solution Brief here.