STAC benchmarks: DDN outpaces WekaIO/AWS and Dell EMC PowerScale

DDN’s latest Lustre-based AI400X2 array is faster than a WekaIO system running in Amazon’s cloud.

The STAC benchmark council tests audited system stacks running benchmark tests suited to the applications favoured by the council’s members in the financial services sector. This DDN stack under test was KX’s kdb+ 4.0 DBMS distributed across 15 Intel HNS2600BPB servers using DDN EXAScaler 6.0.0 software to access a single DDN AI400X2 All-Flash appliance through a parallel filesystem. The results are available on the STAC website.

DDN highlighted that it was faster than a system in a public cloud involving a parallel filesystem with 15 database servers, 40 storage servers, and previous versions of the kdb+ STAC Packs. That benchmark is also available from STAC.

It involved kdb+ 4.0 on 15 Amazon EC2 C5n.9xlarge instances with Intel Xeon Platinum 8124 CPU @ 3.0GHz and WekaIO’s WekaFS v3.10.1 Parallel Filesystem on 40x Amazon EC2 i3en.6xlarge instances. The DDN benchmark Intel servers were fitted with Xeon Gold 6138 CPUs. It was faster than the WekaIO-based system in in 12 of 17 mean response time Antuco benchmarks and 12 of 24 mean response time Kanaga benchmarks.

DDN’s AI400X2 STAC result was also faster than a 3-node Dell PowerScale F900 all-flash system and nine database servers in 11 of 17 mean response time Antuco benchmarks.