Storage news ticker – October 26 and AirHop Communications today announced a strategic partnership to provide solutions that deliver automated improvements in the performance of Open Radio Access Networks and end-user quality of experience while reducing the costs, complexities and deployment times for Mobile Network Operators and Cloud Service Providers rolling out 5G and other next-gen networks and services.

Kingston Digital announced its KC3000 PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 2280 SSD for desktop and laptop PCs. It uses 3D TLC NAND and PCIe Gen-4×4 NVME access to deliver speeds up to 7,000MB/sec read and write from its 512GB, 1TB, 2TB and  4TB capacity points.  Random read or write IOPS range up to 1 million. The endurance in total bytes written terms for each capacity is: 400TBW (512GB), 800TBW (1TB), 1.6PBW (2TB) and 3.2PBW (4TB). It’s intended for personal compute device use and not for servers.

Kingston KC3000 PCIe Gen-4 SSD.

Edge HCI supplier Scale Computing and data protector/securor Acronis jointly announced the availability of Business Resilience System for MSPs, Purpose Built for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud — a scalable appliance that allows for instant recovery of all workloads in an environment, regardless of where those workloads are running. This hybrid cloud platform delivers MSPs everything they need to ensure clients avoid downtime, lost revenue, and fallout from cyber attacks.

ionir, which supplies Kubernetes Data Services, announced updates to its cloud-native data services platform with new capabilities focused on CI/CD acceleration and performance. Kubernetes, now considered the operating system of the cloud, reinvents the concept of infrastructure — everything is a resource, with no notion of fixed assets. Resources are fluid, transportable, orchestrated, and automated. There are:

  • Updates to mobility/cloning — Users can instantly clone volumes after they have been teleported to another location, and view the contents on a remote system, reducing cost and facilitating data movement oacross clouds.  
  • Increased performance — A new class of volumes for high performance applications with low latency requirements. A heterogeneous install balances the ionir system on the hosting cluster in a more detailed way, good for efficiency and rightsizing infrastructure for each application. 
  • New solution guides — A program of integrated technical guides provides validated solution architectures for common Kubernetes applications and tools such as Jenkins, MongoDB, JFrog, CircleCI, and others.

Iguazio, a machine learning operations (MLOps) company, announced that it has become a Pure Storage technology partner. With the new partnership, Iguazio offers an MLOps platform that automates and accelerates machine learning and deep learning pipelines. Its serverless and managed services approach shifts the focus from managing a sprawl of Kubernetes resources to delivering a set of higher-level MLOps services, over elastic resources, thereby reducing significant capital and operational costs, and accelerating time to market. Pure provides enterprise-grade data management capabilities and products that are optimal for the challenges of data science, built for speed and simplicity at scale.