Storage news ticker – October 22

HPE plans to expand its Hewlett Packard Pathfinder venture capital program to help accelerate HPE’s edge-to-cloud strategy. It expects to ramp its rate of investment significantly over the next year starting with three new investments that solve key customer challenges across edge, cloud, and data. Three recent investments support HPE’s vision: 

  • Cellwize is a Radio Access Network (RAN) automation platform that enables telecommunications companies to accelerate 5G network deployment. 
  • vFunction helps companies modernize their legacy applications to run in containerized environments using a lightweight microservices architecture. 
  • SingleStore is a one-stop, single database that unifies data models and data types and offers low-latency, consistent queries and processing for data-intensive workloads across hybrid, on-premises, and cloud environments.  

HPE will evaluate introducing SingleStore to the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace to provide a database with tiered storage spanning RAM, NVMe, SSDs, and cloud object storage.

GIGABYTE Technology announced its new R282-Z9G server targets high performance NVMe (Gen-4) SSDs for RAID and incorporates the GRAID SupremeRAID product. The SupremeRAID card works by installing a virtual NVMe controller on the OS while integrating a PCIe device for high performance. Over 100GB/sec of throughput is possible for workloads in HPC, 4K/8K video editing, high-frequency trading, online transaction processing, or database processing.

Couchbase announced the winners of its Community Customer and Partner Awards at the CONNECT 2021 event. A few interesting ones are: Emirates, winning the EMEA Innovating at the Edge category and Project of the Year, for using Couchbase to optimise aircraft maintenance; Citigroup, scooping up the Advanced NoSQL Architecture EMEA prize for designing a system that could store billions of data points within Couchbase; and Amadeus, the third EMEA winner for Cloud Computing, for using Couchbase to develop a cloud-native platform that sped up the time to market of new applications and offerings, as well as data exchange.

VAST Data president Michael Wing made a LinkedIn post showing a complex Dell EMC Isilon/PowerScale data reduction decision tree, posted by an engineer on Slack, contrasting it with VAST’s equivalent tree:

It’s not a high-res image but you can nonetheless see the point he’s making. Wing said the Isilon architecture was “built 20 years ago for hard drives, streaming media workflows and no data reduction. Retrofitting all of this functionality is hard and comes with massive trade offs. Hence the decision tree!”

Seagate has announced the launch of its Lyve Mobile Edge Storage and Data Transfer Services in the UK. The subscription-based service offers businesses a means to transfer massive amounts of data via mobile shuttles and arrays. Customers subscribe through the Lyve Management Portal and a web-based purchasing model gives end-customers or resellers flexible subscription plans ranging from month-to-month plans to longer-term annual plans. Once registered and an account is established, customers can order a project in less than three minutes. Seagate then provisions the devices and ships them to the desired location. Seagate is already providing support to the development of autonomous vehicles at FMCI, Europe’s largest autonomous vehicle testbed, with its Lyve Mobile service.

File lifecycle manager Komprise says St Luke’s Health System — a non-profit in Boise, Idaho, with petabytes of NAS storage — is using its software in a tiered storage architecture. Brett Sayles, storage engineer with St Luke’s, said: “We have 20 years of files from various medical systems and we have been treating all data the same. We are nearing capacity on our NetApp and Pure storage, and we know that a lot of these files can go to cheaper storage.” St Luke’s will use Komprise to archive data from Pure Storage Flash Array and NetApp to secondary storage on Qumulo spinning disk. It expects to save as much as 80 per cent on storage with this initiative.

Database, data integration and analytics supplier Actian announced GA of its DataConnect 12 integration platform, with new functionality for data quality, enhanced scheduling and automation, and the availability of additional software development toolkits (SDKs) to improve development integrations.

Object (and file) storage supplier Scality tells the world it “delivers the most comprehensive and rock-solid portfolio of Disaster Recovery-enabled SmartStore ready deployment options as validated by Splunk.” Scality offers three SmartStore-ready architectures: single site, two-site asynchronous replicated, and three-site synchronous writes, capable of ensuring zero recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives. There’s a blog if you want to know more.