Storage news ticker – October 19

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Storage news

The “3-2-1” backup rule says you should store three copies of your data on two different media with one copy stored off-site. A more advanced “3-2-1-1-0” strategy goes further — you should maintain at least three data copies, on at least two different types of storage media, with one copy of the backups off-site, one copy offline or air-gapped, and ensure all recoverability arrangements have zero errors.

Cloud storage provider Wasabi paraphrases this by saying “you should keep three copies of your data and one of them should be immutable.” Err … OK. Brevity is the soul of wit after all. And it then says it offers S3 “Object Lock at no additional cost so you know that your data is safe.”  

Acronis has released its annual Cyber Readiness Report, based on findings from 3,600 IT managers and remote employees at small and medium-sized companies in 18 countries across the globe. It states that 53 per cent of global companies have a false sense of security when it comes to supply chain attacks. Despite the globally recognised attacks on trusted software vendors, like Kaseya or SolarWinds, over half of IT leaders believe that using “known, trusted software” is sufficient protection — making them an easy target. Full report and assets available here.

OWC announced docks and SSDs for Apple’s new MacBook Pros. The product range includes Thunderbolt docks, a Thunderbolt hub, Thunderbolt/USB-C cable, Envoy Pro SSDs, blades, bays and Flex enclosures.

Nextcloud GmbH, which supplies an on-premises content collaboration platform, and iXsystems inc., developer of the industry’s number-one Open Storage platform, announced a partnership to bring Nextcloud Hub features to TrueNAS. Tens of thousands of TrueNAS systems already run Nextcloud and availability of a supported, well-integrated offering will give larger organisations more confidence to deploy.

Snowflake launched a Media Data Cloud, enabling media and advertising businesses to utilise their data for insights, analysis and measurement. This makes it possible to carry out first-party data matching, create audience insights and activate and measure campaigns. Media Data Cloud enables businesses to dynamically share, join and analyse collaborative data for identity, audience insights, targeting, activation, and measurement. Customers and partners in the Media Data Cloud include industry leaders like AWS, Disney Advertising Sales, Experian, Horizon Media, The Trade Desk, and more.

AnalyticsIQ is set to announce that its B2C and B2B data will now be available through the AWS Data Exchange. Through this integration, millions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers will have secure access to AnalyticsIQ’s wealth of B2B and B2C data, including individual-level data for niche audiences and organizations in the auto, finance, health and wellness, and media industries.