Verily Veritas doth love Kubernetes — InfoScale becomes cloud-native

Courtly Love
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Veritas has extended its InfoScale Kubernetes integration from a CSI plug-in to cloud-native InfoScale containers, making it easier to provide high availability to stateful Kubernetes workloads.

InfoScale is Veritas’s storage virtualisation software layer, which can switch applications from one storage infrastructure to another if an infrastructure-halting problem occurs — in other words, disaster recovery. It supports a wide variety of operating environments and Veritas is adapting it to the Kubernetes-orchestrated container world to keep it relevant. It’s also coming up to Red Hat OpenShift.

Veritas made the announcement at the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2021 event. VP of product management Karthik Ramamurthy provided an announcement quote: “Many organisations are hesitant to bring the benefits of containerisation to mission-critical applications that have historically relied on persistent storage. The Kubernetes-native deployment of InfoScale will deliver the features organisations need to migrate their most important applications into environments like OpenShift with confidence. This is a game changer.”  

InfoScale v7.4.3 CSI diagram. In version 8 the CSI layer gets absorbed into the Kubernetes cluster. InfoScale can switch from one underlying storage system to another if the first one fails.

Beginning with version 8, available later this year, cloud-native InfoScale will provide high-availability persistent storage and storage optimisation for stateful Kubernetes workloads, with InfoScale features deployed as containers. Expect to find:

  • Software-defined persistent volume storage classes;
  • Dynamic and static persistent storage provisioning;
  • Non-disruptive scaling of persistent volumes;
  • Non-disruptive migration of persistent volumes;
  • REST APIs for third-party integration;
  • Persistent volume snapshots;
  • Container lifecycle management.

InfoScale 8 will be available as a Red Hat-certified container application and Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator available in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog with single-click deployment.