Flow baby, flow — Datacenter-as-a-Service from Mirantis

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS — no, think bigger. How about an entire datacenter as-a-Service? OpenStack cloud supplier and Kubernetes-focussed Mirantis has launched just such an offering, called Flow.

Flow is cloud-native, vendor-agnostic and supports both virtual and containerised workloads. New customers can have the service up and running in five days. They deploy and run a centrally managed, scalable cloud infrastructure on a public cloud and out to the edge.

Adrian Ionel.

Adrian Ionel, CEO and co-founder of Mirantis, said: “As more businesses pursue digital transformation, enterprise datacenters are challenged to deliver a true cloud experience to their users while also reducing costs. Until now, cloud-native was sold and marketed as piece parts for enterprises to assemble. Mirantis has already helped hundreds of today’s tech savvy companies, including Booking.com, Reliance Jio, Netscope, and Societe Generale, implement an open source, cloud-native approach to infrastructure.

“For the first time, Flow takes that software, knowledge, and support expertise and packages it up for easy deployment, enabling enterprises to replace their legacy infrastructure, or even begin their cloud journey, with an open-source, cloud-native datacenter that supports their most valuable use cases and brings a stream of innovations to developers and application owners — at significantly less cost.”

A Mirantis blog reads: “Combining Mirantis Container Cloud with 24x7x365 monitoring and operations support, Mirantis Flow provides a Datacenter-as-a-Service experience that enables your developers to focus on creating and using Kubernetes and OpenStack clusters rather than managing infrastructure.”

Mirantis Flow integrates many open source technologies in a flexible way and packages those as a subscription service. Flow can utilise existing computing hardware and includes:

  • Mirantis Container Cloud, for providing deployment and lifecycle management of Kubernetes cluster across multiple infrastructure platforms;
  • Mirantis Kubernetes Engine certified distribution;
  • Mirantis OpenStack (on Kubernetes); 
  • Lens Spaces; 
  • Mirantis StackLight monitoring and alerting; 
  • OpsCare 24×7 proactive support or OpsCare managed services, which includes deployment.

Pricing and Availability

Mirantis Flow is available immediately and priced at $15,000 per month or $180,000 annually, which includes:

  • 1000 core/vCPU licenses for access to all products in the Mirantis software suite;
  • No additional charge for control plane and management software licenses;
  • Support for initial 20 virtual machine (VM) migrations or application onboarding;
  • Unlimited 24×7 OpsCare support

A Mirantis blog provides background information.