HPE reorganising GreenLake exec team

Kumar Sreekanti, HPE’s CTO, head of software, and SVP, is retiring as HPE implements a GreenLake cloud services development scheme and team. There will be a new CTO appointed by the end of September, and Sreekanti will stay in place until then.

This was announced in a blog by HPE CEO Antonio Neri. He says HPE is transforming into an edge-to-cloud company, and “I am making this transformation my number one priority, and I will devote a significant amount of my time and energy to propel our strategy forward”.

Neri’s organisational transformation

Antonio Neri.

Neri wants HPE to transform more quickly and is setting up:

  • GreenLake Platform Development team to be fully accountable for delivering our new unified GreenLake Cloud Platform where all of our edge-to-cloud services will be delivered. This team will report to the CTO’s office to ensure it is delivering a holistic HPE as-a-service experience across all as-a-service businesses.
  • GreenLake Cloud Services Solutions group to be led by Vishal Lall reporting directly to Neri. The group includes the Ezmeral, GreenLake Lighthouse and workload offerings and will delivering services that integrate HPE’s unified edge-to-cloud platform.
  • Keith White will lead the GreenLake Cloud Services Commercial Business group, which is focused on driving the HPE as-a-service go to market through HPE’s Sales, Partner and Customer Success functions.
  • There are two new company-wide teams — the Services Reliability Engineering (SRE) team and the Cloud Services Operations team — which will be responsible for running the cloud platforms, services and security functions, and operations across HPE’s as-a-service offerings. These teams will report to COO John Schultz, who manages the HPE’s Transformation Office.
Kumar Sreekanti

Neri writes: “These updates more closely align key resources and teams to a Cloud Services business and delivery model, all designed to accelerate the delivery of a seamless, unified, and agile customer experience, from edge-to-cloud.” He pitches HPE’s GreenLake as the “cloud that comes to you.” 


Sreekanti joined HPE when it acquired BlueData in 2019 with its EPIC container environment deployment platform. Sreekanti was BlueData’s co-founder and CEO. EPIC was a control plane for container management and became part of HPE’s Ezmeral portfolio in June 2020.

Has Sreekanti become redundant in Neri’s drive to transform HPE? Clearly he does not want to be the new CTO — or Neri thinks he isn’t best suited to be. Perhaps Sreekanti has a new opportunity in mind?

HPE has also hired Sheila Rohra away from NetApp to be the SVP and General Manager of its new Data Centre Infrastructure business, reporting to Storage SVP and GM Tom Black.