Direct Dremio data lake house analytics with Tableau

Dremio has taken another step toward its vision of running analytics directly on data lakes, by linking up with Tableau to execute interactive dashboard analytics on source data sets.

Data warehouses like Snowflake and Teradata are used for business analytics, and filled with data that’s been extracted, transformed and then loaded (ETL). Dremio says its technology makes source data in data lakes accessible by analytic routines — without any preliminary ETL Processing steps. 

Its VP for Business Development, Roger Frey, provided an announcement quote: “With the native Dremio connector in Tableau, we’re amplifying the combined power of Tableau and Dremio with a best-in-class experience enabling customers to perform BI workloads on large data sets without having to copy data into proprietary data warehouses.”

Tableau, a Salesforce company,  provides software to analyse data and present the results visually. It was acquired by Salesforce in 2019 for $15.7B and has  more than 85,000 customers.

Dremio has added a native Tableau connector, and Dremio connectivity is now built into the Tableau Online offering, obviating the need for a plug-in module — known as a Tableau connector file, or TACO. This is a set of XML and JavaScript files, zipped into a single packaged .jar file, and given a .taco file extension. 

Brian Matsubara, RVP of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau, said: “By furthering our integration with Dremio, we’re providing a more-intuitive user experience that reduces the number of steps required to connect Dremio to Tableau’s self-service analytics platform, gives customers the ability to perform business intelligence workloads directly on the data lake and ultimately, make strategic data-driven decisions at a faster pace.”

According to Dremio, users can create interactive, high-performance dashboards directly on the data lake through Tableau’s SaaS analytics platform.

The Dremio connector in Tableau also simplifies the analytics experience for Tableau Desktop and Server users who have full support from Tableau’s Global Support Team.