Clumio unveils Discover AWS backup monitor, gives it away free to its customers

Clumio has developed a Discover service that provides status information for all of a customer’s backups in AWS so that they don’t under- or over-protect their AWS workloads.

Startup Clumio offers its Protect backup-as-a-service (BaaS) product to protect AWS workloads, and it provides a virtual air-gap to immutable backups to thwart ransomware attacks. The Discover service is an add-on to Protect and aims to correct the lack of real-time, accurate visibility into an AWS user’s data protection and compliance status.

Clumio’s Chadd Kenney

Clumio Product VP Chadd Kenney said: “Data protection in the public cloud is broken and getting visibility into the current state is near impossible. Enterprises not only need a solid data protection platform, but they need visibility and insights into what is going to ensure their data is protected.”

It’s said Clumio Discover delivers information about all of a customer’s AWS backups, independent of the data protection suppliers used. Specifically, it can:

  • Provide global visibility across accounts/regions for Amazon EC2, EBS, RDS, and DynamoDB;
  • Highlight assets that are unprotected and vulnerable to potential data loss including historical analysis and snapshot histograms;
  • Optimize and reduce wasted expense by taking out orphaned snapshots or snapshots being saved outside a retention period;
  • See reports of largest consumers and percentage change rate spikes;
  • See total monthly spend for AWS EC2/EBS Snapshots by account, region, or tag, and comparison analysis for cost reduction with Clumio Protect; and
  • Find all asset details for AWS Snapshots or Clumio Backups quickly for fast restore at any point in time using backup history calendar view.

GigaOM senior analyst Enrico Signoretti said: “Businesses need to know if they are creating enough snapshots to meet their RPO or if they are creating too many snapshots than required, resulting in wasted expense. Today there is no way to get AWS snapshot footprint info and have a basic understanding of data protection vulnerabilities or cost impact of deleting a snapshot.”

Clumio says there is now, with its Discover service. Kenney told us: “The beauty of Clumio Discover is it lets the customer use what they want to use, and provides visibility and actionable insights that fill the gaps of all other products, including AWS Backup.” 

Clumio Discover will be available at no charge to all existing and new Clumio Protect customers.