CRM cram: Druva adds acquired tech to Salesforce data protection product

Druva has increased Salesforce data backup frequency to once every 15 minutes and added data compliance, masking and translation features to its CRM product.

The update includes tech from November 2020 acquisition sfApex, a supplier of Salesforce developer tools and data migration services. So since then, Druva’s SaaS offering, combined with sfApex, has delivered Salesforce SaaS data protection and management with granular backup and data recovery, streamlined and automated migrations, and developer tools. Now, six months later, it integrated the sfApex functionality into the Druva Cloud Platform (DCP) service.

DCP Salesforce backup status visibility screen

Prem Ananthakrishnan, Druva’s VP of Products, said Salesforce’s CRM SaaS is widely used, but added: “The criticality of its data often is not appropriately matched by its level of protection.”

He added: “Druva is delivering … automated features, advanced data security, and unified visibility expected for data of such value.”

New DCP features

  • Faster, automated daily backups (as frequently as every 15 minutes) of data and metadata,
  • Recovery from air-gapped storage while maintaining all parent-child relationships to prevent orphan records,
  • Restoring standard, custom, and managed package objects including attachments, content, knowledge articles, and chatter,
  • Data compliance anonymisation capabilities to mask fields and support data privacy, GDPR and CCPA (fulfil right to be forgotten requests and subject access requests across multi-region data storage),
  • Creates data-copy sets for Salesforce sandbox seeding, development and testing,
  • Has data translation capabilities to simplify bulk updates and data migrations,
  • Automatically matches Salesforce IDs to avoid duplicates
  • Switches between metadata triggers, workflows, validation rules, and required fields

The air gap is a virtual one, the firm says. And it encrypts “Salesforce data and related metadata” and keeps it in Amazon S3 storage. “Secure backup provides an ‘air-gap’ from the local network and makes the data resistant to user error and other threats.”

The changes should help Druva to compete with fellow unicorn data protection startup OwnBackup, which specialises in the Salesforce market. Other rivals in the space include AvePoint, CloudAlly, Commvault (with Metallic), Flosum, Odaseva, Kaseya’s Spanning and Skyvia.

These extra features are available to DCP customers. DCP deploys through the Salesforce AppExchange. A Druva LinkedIn video provides some background information. An ESG document examines DCP’s Salesforce capabilities in some detail.