NetApp stacks DataStax onto its Astra Kubernetes storage

DevOps people working with DataStax Cassandra databases can now use NetApp storage through the latter’s Astra Kubernetes storage services. Astra has now been integrated with DataStax’s Enterprise product as well as open source Cassandra clusters.

Enterprise is DataStax’s scale-out, cloud-native Cassandra NoSQL database. DataStax was founded in 2010, has taken in $190m in funding, and claims $150m+ in annual recurring revenues. An IPO is rumouredAstra is NetApp’s SaaS data management suite for Kubernetes-orchestrated workloads aimed at protecting, recovering and moving containerised applications.

Eric Han.

Eric Han, VP for product management for public cloud at NetApp, said: “Working with DataStax, we have made it easier for enterprises to adopt and manage high scale, cloud native data.”

Ed Anuff, chief product officer at DataStax, provided a corresponding comment: “When companies want to adopt Kubernetes and create modern data applications, developers and IT operations teams have to think about how they will manage the data their applications will create … Our partnership with NetApp makes it easier to manage storage resources and speed up deployments.”


NetApp and DataStax say that, with this integration, customers can automate the implementation of Cassandra clusters. they will also be able to simplify operations and lifecycle management processes around applications, data and container images on Kubernetes.

In detail they can have:

  • Automatic storage provisioning and storage class setup processes,
  • Cloning and migration of application clusters for app testing,
  • Data protection, disaster recovery, point-in-time copy recovery, active cloning, activity log, and other data management services for Cassandra clusters,
  • Portability and migration for Cassandra clusters, moving Kubernetes workloads and data between cloud locations,
  • One user interface, instead of two, and visualisations of data protection status.

The integrated DataStax NetApp software is available now. NetApp Astra is completely separate from DataStax’s multi-cloud database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) product, which is also, and confusingly, called Astra.