Ionir tries to appeal to those worried about ransomware with Kubernetes app ‘1-second RPO’ protection

Startup Ionir has said its latest software release adds Kubernetes app ransomware protection with a 1-second RPO.

It’s part of a package of added data services which include multi-cloud instant copy of persistent volumes between private, AWS and GCP clouds, hot rebalancing across storage media, and faster recovery, rebuilds and upgrades.

Jacob Cherian.

Ionir CEO Jacob Cherian said in a canned statement: “Everything that Kubernetes supports, we support. And we have additional, exclusive functionality that Kubernetes doesn’t support yet, such as instant copy of volumes across clusters and over distance.”

The 1-sec RPO comes from Ionir’s clone to time technology, which puts the timestamps of all storage writes in a metadata database. Ionir claims this gives customers the ability to access data volumes as they existed at any previous point in time with one-second RPOs. This is supposed to provide a way of defeating ransomware and other malicious and accidental activities that can corrupt and delete data.

Standard Kubernetes management functions can manage the process of bookmarking specific points in time, and accessing point-in-time data copies. This enables the Kubernetes container storage interface (CSI) to request a volume from a specified time. A fully read/write-capable volume containing data as it existed at that exact requested moment is then made available to Kubernetes applications in seconds.

Ionir claims this can help streamline the AppDev pipeline with consistent test data applied across all of its stages. Its Kubernetes-native data services platform software also supplies persistence, protection, replication, global deduplication, and compression.

The company has achieved full operator certification for Red Hat OpenShift and its software is supported and validated to run on the Google Cloud Platform.