HYCU joins the Kubernetes container backup bunch

HYCU has said it will provide data protection for Kubernetes workloads in its cloud-native Protégé service, which is now able to protect, manage and recover data across physical, virtual and container environments.

The Boston backup crew joins NetApp, Catalogic, Diamanti, Veeam’s Kasten, Druva, Dell EMC, Pure’s Portworx, Veritas (Trilio) and others in spreading data protection across the containerised application world.

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor, HYCU founder and CEO, emitted this quote: “While the use of containers has been on the rise, data protection approaches are still emerging and have not kept pace with the adoption and interest to date.

He said: “Our belief remains that backup and recovery should be delivered as a service, leveraging the platform capabilities.”

He added that it “should be as powerful yet easy to use, regardless of location – be it be physical, virtual or now containers.” 

HYCU says 85 per cent of all global organisations will be running containerised apps in production by 2025. That’s a massive backup opportunity.


The first Protégé service for containers supports Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with other Kubernetes cloud services following shortly. Specific features include:

  • Automated and instantaneous discovery of applications from one user interface.
  • Set and forget policy-based data protection across container and non-container sources.
  • Ability to set different SLAs for applications within the same cluster.
  • Users can recover an entire application, from individual persistent disks and configuration files.
  • Selective cross-cluster recovery: users have the flexibility to leverage multi-regions and locations to spin up applications for recovery.
  • Simplified Dev/Test and DR with cross project and cross regional cloning and auto-tiering.
HYCU dashboard for Kubernetes

Kubernetes has its Container Storage Interface (CSI) and backup suppliers use it to build their products. This is also the case for storage suppliers who use CSI to provision storage to containers and then protect it, eg NetApp with Astra.

Because of this there is much commonality between suppliers’ Kubernetes protection products and they compete on ease of use and wider functionality. Some, like HYCU, provide a backup service covering physical, virtual and containerised workloads. HYCU says customers can manage their VMs, apps, buckets, containers and GKE from its single management interface.

HYCU Protégé for Kubernetes is available immediately through authorised HYCU resellers and channel partners worldwide.