Your occasional storage digest with Veritas, Seagate, and Tintri

There’s quite a bit to chew on in this week’s storage digest, from Seagate’s gaming battlestation light shows and migration from one Enterprise Vault target to another, to some capacity analysis news from Tintri.

Veritas Enterprise Vault migration

Data migration supplier Interlock Technology has said its VaultAnywhere product can now migrate data from Veritas’ Enterprise Vault v14.0 backup product to public clouds and on-premises destinations.

VaultAnywhere is certified by Veritas and migrates data at Enterprise Vault’s storage layer instead of using the Enterprise Vault API. Interlock claims this is up to 30 times faster than running the migration using the API.

The migration can be done using Centera Content Addressable Storage, NAS or S3 protocols. Vault Anywhere supports migration to Enterprise Vault-supported object storage targets such as AWS S3, on-premises S3-supporting object storage and Azure Blob repositories.

Interlock supports the Enterprise Vault Streamer API, required for S3 storage to be used with versions of Enterprise Vault prior to v14, and can migrate data from any source Enterprise Vault storage to any target Enterprise Vault storage.

Enterprise Vault metadata, such as indices, is preserved during the data movement and an audit trail is recorded.

Seagate’s FireCUDA battlestation lightshow

Seagate has rolled out a FireCuda Gaming Hard Drive and FireCuda Gaming Hub. The Hard Drive has RGB LED lighting customisable through a Seagate Toolkit to change as a game progresses Razer Chroma RGB compatibility is available to synchronize users’ Chroma-enabled gaming peripherals with this disk drive.

Seagate FireCuda Hard Drive (left) and FireCuda Hub (right)

The HARD Dive is not that capacious, having 1TB ($79.99), 2TB ($109.99) and 5TB ($179.99) capacities and price points. The HUB increases these to 8TB ($219.99) and 16TB ($399.99). Both Hub and Hard Drive have USB 3.2 gen 1 connectivity. The Hub supports USB-C and USB-A ports to hook up other peripherals.

Let gaming battles commence.

Tintri analysis claims large capacity savings for VMstore

DDN’s Tintri unit  has analysed of thousands of its Tintri VMstore customer deployments using its own SaaS analytics platform and claims midrange 50TB, 2RU, VMstore systems are able to deliver over 2PB of effective capacity in typical enterprise IT production environments – representing data reduction savings of up to 41x.

It quotes Avaya’s Steve Bartholomew, director of the firm’s IT Global Architecture division, as saying: “VMstore is the most form-fitting storage that I have ever come across.  Imagine taking a full rack of legacy storage and consolidating 400 TB into 4 rack units, so you use 10 per cent of the footprint but get 50 per cent performance.”

Tintri VMstor T7000.

Tintri claims its Analytics service measures storage capacity and performance, as well as compute and memory requirements. They can be projected up to 18 months in advance across multiple systems, for each application, database and virtual machine.


Alluxio’s v2.5 software update introduces a Java Native Interface (JNI) based FUSE integration to support POSIX data access. The team said it had also improved on AI/ML high-performance and high-concurrency workloads. Improved S3 support means admins can maintain and manage the Alluxio namespace through a standard object storage console across existing users.

AMD’s 7nm Rome and Milan EPYC processors have 8 memory channels, like Intel’s Ice Lake gen 3 Xeon-SOs. The coming AMD 5nm Genoa CPU will increase this to 12 memory channels, potentially increasing memory capacity by 50 per cent.

Cloud backup and storage service provider Backblaze, with Mac deployment options, is partnering with Jamf to sell its services in the Apple Mac enterprise market. Backblaze has also improved its Windows Mass Silent Installer (MSI) product and will launch mass deployment updates for its Mac client in the coming weeks.

Hitachi Vantara has appointed three new execs: Roger Lvin as President, Digital Solutions Business Unit; Radhika Krishnan as Chief Product Officer; and Frank Antonysamy as Chief Digital Solutions Officer. Bobby Soni is the President of Hitachi Vantara’s other Digital Infrastructure business unit.

HYCU will be offering its cloud-native backup and recovery SaaS facilities on the Google Cloud Platform through a reseller, Google Cloud Premier partner SADA. 

Intel was surprised by Micron’s March withdrawal from the Optane market, according to a SearchStorage report. It also said Optane PMem drives will support the coming CXL interface, opening up their use to AMD, Arm and other CXL-supporting processors.

Research house TrendForce said it expects DRAM prices to rise 18-23 per cent QoQ in 2Q21 owing to peak season demand. PC DRAM prices are now expected to undergo a 23-28 per cent QoQ growth in 2Q21 due to the increased production of notebook computers.

Scale-out file storage software supplier Qumulo is expanding to the APAC region in partnership with HPE and its ProLiant servers. This comes less than nine months after Qumulo announced Series E funding, and said it planned to expand its global operations.

Redis has said that its Redis Enterprise Cloud database is now available in the AWS Marketplace, supporting Redis in flash, Redis modules and active-active geo-distribution. Customers benefit from consolidated billing, combining Redis Enterprise Cloud usage with their Amazon Web Services (AWS) usage.

SingleStore’s analytics database is now available through IEX Cloud’s platform to  ingest, normalise, and analyse large volumes of diverse data in real time. The SingleStore database enables speed and scale in data ingestion, processing, and querying. IEX Cloud’s platform distributes that data around the world via a single API with minimal latency.

Storage Made Easy reported record revenues in 2020 for its Enterprise File Fabric unified file and object storage product with 28 per cent revenue growth Y/Y. It said pandemic-induced remote working had increased data sizes and led to object storage increasingly being used in conjunction with file storage as primary storage for many employees.

Varada, which supplies data lake query acceleration, updated its software to leverage 10 times more data and deliver results up to 100 times faster than other data lake-based analytics platforms. It claims its dynamic and adaptive indexing technology enables security analytics workloads to run at near real time, especially on highly selective queries, without moving, duplicating or modelling data.

Veeam has quoted IDC data to show it outgrew the data protection market and many competitors in the second half of 2020, with 17.9 per cent Y/Y revenue growth. The market grew at 0.4 per cent and its competitors are shown in an IDC table:

Survivor Violin Systems has notched up a reseller for its all QV-Series flash array: Ohio-based Cloud Propeller which supplies IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS and VDIaaS to the public sector. Cloud Propeller chose Violin after evaluating DDN’s Tintri and NVMe-backed VSAN alternatives.

System and application performance monitor and manager Virtana has hired Christina Richards as its Chief Marketing Officer. It is developing self-service SaaS capabilities with a Virtana Platform offering and will be developing an ability to monitor and manage Kubernetes-orchestrated containers directly. Currently it manages them indirectly when they run in virtual machines.