Regarding HPE’s May 4 unleash the power of data event

HPE is promoting a REALLY important webcast on May 4 entitled “unleash The Power of Data,” and we think we have worked out what it is about.

Tweets – such as this one – began appearing a few days ago.

A teaser video appeared on an HPE webpage:

HPE May 4 event teaser video.

The webpage references a downloadable eBook, Unleashing the Power of Your Data – For Dummies.

This dummy followed the link and downloaded this book, an HPE special edition:

It is organised into six chapters:

  1. Changing the Game with Data
  2. Establishing an Intelligent Data Strategy
  3. Understanding Intelligent Data Platform Components
  4. Transforming Your Business and Your IT
  5. The Cloud, the Edge, and Your Valuable Data
  6. Ten (Or So) Benefits of an Intelligent Data Platform

The book “examines how intelligence changes everything, the role of an intelligent data strategy, and how your business and IT can be transformed with an intelligent data platform at the heart of this strategy.” IT sets out to answer what it calls nine key questions:

  1. Do you have a data strategy?
  2. What elements make up an intelligent data strategy?
  3. What makes up an intelligent data platform?
  4. Is your infrastructure able to predict and prevent problems before they occur?
  5. Is your data residing on infrastructure that’s designed to be high-performing and available?
  6. Do you have a data protection strategy?
  7. Can you achieve data agility while enabling hybrid cloud?
  8. Are you getting the most value from your data?
  9. Are you optimising the cost of storing that data at reach step of the life cycle?

The basic message is that HPE storage products are integrated and organised with AI-driven global intelligence and AIOps to form an intelligent data platform.

The HPE products and offerings mentioned en route through the book include the Ezmeral software portfolio, InfoSight, Nimble Storage, Primera, SimpliVity, StoreOnce, Cloud Volumes Backup, Cloud Bank Storage, and GreenLake.

HPE’s Intelligent Data Platform concept has been around for a couple of years, certainly since June 2019. The book describes it like this: ‘An intelligent data platform collects data not just from storage devices, but from servers, virtual machines (VMs), networks, and other infrastructure elements across the stack. It applies AI and ML to spot what’s not right in order to predict and prevent issues.

It uses predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent issues across the infrastructure stack and to speed resolution when issues do occur.”

It’s about having a self-managing, self-healing and self-optimising infrastructure “with workloads that operate across the cloud, in on-premises environments and at the edge.”

Almost two years later, HPE is set to make a song and dance about it. We think it is going to centre on innovations around InfoSight, HPE’s intelligent cloud-based system monitoring  and predictive analytics service. The company acquired this with Nimble Storage and has extended the technology to cover SimpliVity edge HCI and Primera data centre arrays as well as HPE’s servers.

We think HPE will announce that InfoSight has been developed into a tool looking at storage and more in a hybrid multi-cloud and on-premises setting with greater AI capabilities to get the right data into the right locations.