Zerto’s triple zinger for SaaS, Kubernetes and the AWS cloud

Zerto made three announcements at ZertoCon 2021 today: Zerto Backup for SaaS; support for Kubernetes; and expanded AWS backup services. The disaster recovery specialist also outlined features of its next major software release, Zerto 9.0.

Zerto Backup for SaaS (ZBaaS) runs on a secure private infrastructure, that delivers – the company says – data immutability, compliance, and guaranteed data availability. The service uses technology from Copenhagen-based Keepit to support Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace.

David Osman, Zerto director, technology alliances, said in a statement: “The cloud has enabled people to do business anywhere and at any time, resulting in more critical data constantly being placed in the cloud. The problem is that leaving SaaS backup as an afterthought can result in debilitating loss, especially since most SaaS vendors do not provide this critical service as a standard inclusion.”

Frederik Schouboe, Keepit CEO, said his company was “excited to partner with an industry leader like Zerto and … thrilled our platform is being recognised  for true cloud SaaS data protection and management, with added capabilities like archiving, eDiscovery, and open APIs.” 

ZBaaS features granular recovery, data availability outside the normal production data centre, and an independent secure data backup stored at a different location for added ransomware protection.


Zerto for Kubernetes (Z4K) takes Zerto’s continuous data protection technology to Kubernetes-orchestrated containers, providing backup and disaster recovery for on-premises and public cloud workloads. Z4K supports Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and Red Hat OpenShift.

Kubernetes’ CSI interface has opened the door to widespread container data backup competition. Zerto has joined the fray to jostle with Commvault’s Metallic, Druva, HYCU, Mayadata, Pure Storage’s Portworx-based technology, Replix, Robin, Trilio, Veeam’s Kasten acquisition and more.

Zerto 9.0, the next major software release, will add disaster recovery across AWS Regions or Availability Zones; backup to S3-compatible storage such as Cloudian HyperStore; cloud tiering for AWS and Azure; and immutability in the public cloud. 

Gil Levonai, Zerto CMO, said in his statement: “Zerto and AWS customers can build cloud-native solutions and infrastructure, underpinned by a single  solution that delivers data protection, recovery, and migration of data to and across AWS.”

Organisations hit limits when trying to replicate thousands of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances across AWS Regions, according to Zerto. Zerto’s DR for AWS will improve volume replication concurrency across regions, use data APIs to reduce reads and writes, and optimise orchestration workflows to complete RPOs and RTOs in minutes without using agent software.

A Zerto spokesperson said: “Zerto DR for AWS is aimed towards protecting EC2 instances cross-region and cross availability zones. The focus for us was to deliver a solution that can protect at scale, this means an RPO of 15 mins when protection up to a 1000 EC2 instances across regions/zones. “

Cloud tiering for AWS and Azure tiers cloud data from online frequent access storage classes into cheaper infrequent access storage classes all the way through to archive storage such as Amazon S3 Glacier and Azure Archive. Users define retention policies in Zerto.

Immutability settings for backups in AWS can be managed within the Zerto UI to set how long backups can remain unaltered. This is intended to safeguard cloud backups against ransomware and its malicious deletion or modification of data. 

Other new features include Enhanced Backup Management, Instant VM Restore From journal and File Restore from LTR.

Zerto 9.0 is available in beta test and is generally available in July 2021.