Amazon Files get CRAB protection

Amazon has added cross-region and cross-account facilities to the AWS Backup facility for AWS FSx -calling this CRAB for FSx.

Amazon FSx enables customers to create secure, durable backups of their file systems. Before today’s launch, these backups could only reside in the same AWS Region and account as those of the file system. Now FSx backups can be copied to other AWS Regions to meet business continuity goals or across accounts to meet backup compliance needs.

The news was outlined in an AWS blog by senior solutions rachitects Adam Hunter and Fathima Kamal. “With this launch, storage and application administrators can copy backups across AWS Regions to implement cross-region business continuity. Administrators can now also copy backups across AWS accounts to protect their backups from accidental user activity, account compromises, and ransomware.”

“Organisations can now easily access and share data for quality assurance and testing, without running any risk of affecting production data.” 

AWS CRAB diagram

Backups are managed from a central backup console facility through which you can set up automated backup schedules, retention management, and lifecycle management. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest and backup activity logs aid compliance audits.

The blog has walk-throughs of setting up CRAB runs with illustrative screen shots.

AWS Backup protects user accounts and resources in Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes, Relational Database Service (RDS) databases (including Aurora clusters), DynamoDB tables, Elastic File System (EFS), FSx for Lustre, FSx for Windows File Server, and Storage Gateway volumes.

AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage service that enables on-premises applications to use AWS Cloud storage.

AWS Backup competes with in-AWS cloud data protection suppliers Clumio, Commvault, Druva, HYCU and others. Typically these suppliers have multi-cloud protection whereas AWS Backup is restricted to, naturally, AWS.