CTERA file software is being OEM’d by IBM

IBM COS File Access, launched last November, is a rebranded version of CTERA file system, CTERA CEO Liran Eshel revealed today. “IBM is one of the top vendors of private object storage. This could give very good access to our technology to Fortune 2000 customers,” he said in a press briefing.

IBM has a similar OEM deal already in place with Panzura, a CTERA rival, and we have not clarified if the new deal with CTERA changes that relationship.

This OEM deal builds on an earlier arrangement with CTERA’s file system integration with IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS).

IBM’s COS File Access (COSFA) is gateway software that provides SMB and NFS access to legacy applications, and stores and retrieves files on IBM’s Cloud Object Storage. The target use case is active archiving. The software is deployed on-premises as a virtual machine, and the back-end COS bucket endpoint can be on-premises or in IBM’s Public Cloud.

COSFA enables the consolidation of archive, backup and other infrequently accessed files onto IBM COS, freeing up capacity on primary storage such as tier-1 filers. The SMB and NFS archive data in COS is stored with high-availability and ready for disaster recovery.

You can check out a COSFA slide deck.

Eshel today also said that HPE is making CTERA services available through the GreenLake subscription service. This deal builds on CTERA’s existing integration with the Nimble dHCI and SimpliVity HCI products.