Hello Azure. Pure Cloud Block Store is here

Pure Storage has made its Cloud Block Store available on the Azure Marketplace.

Cloud Block Store is the cloudified version of Purity OS, the operating system that runs on the company’s FlashArrays. The software provides high-availability block storage, a DR facility and Dev/Test sandboxes. All these instantiations can be handled through Pure1 Storage Management.

Cloud Block Store enables bi-directional data mobility between FlashArray on-premises, hosted locations and the public cloud. The service is already available on AWS.

Aung Oo, Partner of Director Management for Microsoft Azure Storage, issued a statement: “Pure Cloud Block Store on Azure, which is built with unique Azure capabilities including shared disks and Ultra Disk Storage, provides a comprehensive high availability and performant solution.”

Pure has said it may roll out CBS to other public clouds – Google Cloud springs to mind. The company is also considering expanding storage protocol support – files and S3 objects spring to mind.

The company has announced a Pure Validated Design for Microsoft SQL Server Business Resilience to provide business continuity for SQL Server databases running on premises. This enables disaster recovery in the cloud, with Cloud Block Store for Azure acting as a high-availability target.

Pure CBS replication for DR.

With the Azure coverage, Pure joins HPE, Infinidat, NetApp, IBM’s Red Hat and Silk in providing a common block storage dataplane across their on-premises, hosted, AWS and Azure instances. Silk and Red Hat go further by covering GCP as well. 

The hybrid multi-cloud environment is becoming a reality and we expect newer vendors, such as VAST Data and StorONE, to follow suit.