HYCU joins O365 data protection crowd with new SaaS offering

HYCU has launched SaaS-based Backup and Recovery for Office 365. “We see SaaS as a natural extension of the customer’s data estate,” CEO Simon Taylor said today in a press briefing. He noted that many HYCU customers are adopting multiple public clouds at the same time.

Simon Taylor

Office 365 is now called Microsoft Office – we’ll refer to it as O365 to stay in tune with HYCU’s announcement. The new fully-managed O365 service is integrated into HYCU’s Protégé multi-cloud management facility.

Subbiah Sundaram, HYCU VP Products, said there are four advantages to HYCU’s Office 365 backup that make it a unique product.

  • It’s a service and not based on an on-premises machine,
  • It’s comprehensive and covers more than SharePoint and Outlook,
  • It can meet data residency requirements,
  • It has the most comprehensive eDiscovery features.

Multiple competitors offer O365 backup, including Acronis, Clumio, Cohesity, Commvault, Druva, IBM, Rubrik, Veeam and Veritas. They all say they offer comprehensive Office 365 backup with many – Cohesity, Veeam and Veritas, for example – calling out their eDiscovery capabilities. Customers will need a supplier-feature matrix to compare and contrast the various offerings.

In the meantime, here’s a quick feature list for HYCU’s O365 protection.

  • Coverage of Outlook, Contacts, OneDrive (1x/day), OneNote, SharePoint (3x/day), Teams, Outlook email (12x/day). There is also email journalling.
  • Granular and full recovery for OneDrive (files), SharePoint (sites), Groups and Teams. Search and recover functionality for Email, OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Detailed audit trail of email backups, searches, downloads, deletions. Suspend email expiration on-demand for legal audit, etc.
  • Many security standards, encryption, key management and compliance standards met.
  • No sizing involved; it’s all dynamic.

Not only but also

HYCU offers agent-less, purpose-built backup and recovery services for Nutanix, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, AWS and – now – O365. Services are native to each cloud and can be used for disaster recovery and data migration. The company has a Net Promotor Score of 91 and 2,000-plus customers, which includes Nutanix and GigaOm. The company said revenues grew 450 per cent in 2020.

HYCU has a SAP HANA Disaster Recovery offering for Google Cloud Platform. Nutanix Mine v3.0 object storage is supported by HYCU and has built-in replication to multiple sites.

HYCU is expanding ransomware protection with immutable backups to WORM-enabled S3-compliant targets like Nutanix Objects, and source-to-cloud target encryption.

The company has added agentless backup of physical Linux servers for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux. HYCU has also added network throttles to optimise backup traffic.