Veritas stirs Trilio OpenStack into NetBackup 9.0 mix

Veritas has extended NetBackup protection to OpenStack, courtesy of technology licensed from Trilio.

Veritas incorporated TrilioVault technology into the recently-announced NetBackup 9.0 Doug Mathews, Veritas VP of product management, said in prepared remarks: “Veritas NetBackup is a market leading enterprise backup and recovery solution that has been adopted by eighty-seven percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies. We maintain our leadership by continually seeking new ways to make our products better and working with innovators like Trilio is a great example.”

Trilio, a Kubernetes data protection startup which raised $15m in B-round funding in December, expressed its delight with the NetBackup deal. This is entirely understandable given the size of Veritas’s customer base

Trilio has three developed three flavours of TrilioVault software:

  • TrilioVault for Red Hat Virtualization to product apps and virtual machines (VMs)
  • TrilioVault for OpenStack is natively-integrated into OpenStack and looks after bare metal and VM environments
  • TrilioVault for Kubernetes protects Kubernetes-orchestrated containers.

The Veritas deal is for TrilioVault for OpenStack and not the other variants. A spokesperson confirmed that it does not cover containerised application protection.

Doug Matthews, Veritas’ VP of Enterprise Data Protection and Compliance, told us NetBackup already protects containers and does not need top use TrilioVault for this: “Veritas has supported Kubernetes in NetBackup since version 8.1 was released in 2017.  Veritas offers a NetBackup client that can be deployed as a container, which can be used to protect application data stored either on persistent volumes or using a staging area.”