Commvault Metallic BaaS puts stake in the ground with HyperScale X

Commvault’s Metallic Backup-as-a-Service can now store backup data on the company’s HyperScale X appliance.

HyperScale X, launched in 2017 offers scale-out backup and recovery for container, virtual and database workloads. The system supports on-premises deployments and multiple public clouds, with data movement between these locations. HyperScale X for Metallic supports Commvault’s appliance for single-vendor management of on-premises storage and SaaS-delivered data backup.

HyperScale X runs in edge mode, allowing it to operate as a backup target for hybrid cloud workloads protected by Metallic. Commvault said this move represents the next step in Metallic’s hybrid expansion.

Customers can use Metallic to protect data in any hybrid data protection schema, whether cloud to cloud, on-premises data to cloud with an on-premises copy for fast restore, cloud to appliance, and more.

Manoj Nair.

Manoj Nair, Metallic GM for Commvault, said in a statement: “With our SaaS Plus capabilities, Metallic solutions offer customers what no other cloud-delivered backup service can match: the most comprehensive portfolio of BaaS solutions and the flexibility to backup each data source to the optimal storage target–whether that be cloud or on-premises storage, or HyperScale X for Metallic for ultimate performance with BaaS simplicity.”

Metallic has also been given additional capabilities;

  • Hybrid cloud support for SAP HANA and Kubernetes,
  • Metallic Salesforce Backup protects Salesforce data with unlimited retention, unlimited storage, and hardened security controls built-in
  • Metallic Office 365 & Teams Backup & Recovery now includes in-place restore of Teams conversations and other data. Admin staff can granularly recover data stored within Teams, channels, and conversations.
  • Metallic Database Backup supports Oracle Database and Microsoft Active Directory.

Metallic Database Backup gives administrators seamless visibility and database protection for SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and Active Directory on-premises, in the cloud, and in Azure.

All new and existing Metallic Office 365 Backup customers will automatically receive Microsoft Teams functionality as part of their subscription – which also covers Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive.