Qumulo helps drive Covid-19 pandemic modelling scenarios

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is using scale-out Qumulo filers and 18TB Western Digital drives, to aid Covid-19 research.

Based at the University of Washington, IHME supplies Covid-19 pandemic modelling visualisations and models for hospitals and health authorities. The institute produces daily and cumulative COVID-19 death reports, infections and testing numbers, and social distancing information. vaccine rollout research and modelling.

IHME uses the Qumulo systems for on-premises data processing of up to 2PB data per day, and hosts data visualisations in Azure. IHME has about 8PB of stored disk data and 15PB of archived data.

Serkan Yalcin, director of IT Infrastructure at IHME, who used to work at Qumulo, said in a statement: “Teaming up with Qumulo from the beginning and utilising Western Digital drives has enabled us to distill hundreds of millions of data points into a single visualisation which allows policymakers to easily view results and communicate them with their teams. Now, as vaccines are rolling out around the world, we have been able to further extend projections with even more data to give decision makers the most robust information possible.”

IHME mask-wearing visualisation.

IHME uses Qumulo C-432T file system nodes with 432TB of mixed disk drive and flash storage. The 432TB capacity 2RU nodes have 24 x 18TB Western Digital DHC550 disk drives and 6 x SN640 NVMe 3.2TB SSDs for caching, also from WD

A 42RU rack can hold 8.6PB of data with these nodes.

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