Array with you: StorONE claims failed SSD rebuild in minutes, 16TB disk in under 5 hours

New York storage firm StorONE has emitted a new release of its S1 array software that it claims rebuilds failed SSDs in three minutes and can sort out a 16TB disk drive in less than five hours.

It also said it would be selling a fully HA, 1PB all-flash array for under $500 per TB, with hybrid arrays costing under $250/TB.

The disk rebuild is ostensibly almost five times faster than an ordinary RAID rebuild of a 16TB drive, which, with 100 per cent drive availability, could take 24 hours or more. 

Gal Naor, StorONE co-founder and CEO, issued a canned quote:  “This release extends our lead in data protection and affordability, delivering enterprises unmatched resiliency and breaking the $500 per TB AFA price point.”

StorONE all-flash array.

StorONE maintains a quarterly array software release schedule and the latest release includes:

  • Parallelism in the vRAID erasure code-based drive protection scheme has been improved to speed rebuilds,
  • New vRACK feature builds erasure code-based redundancy across drive shelves and racks, without needing doubled capacity or storage controllers,
  • New vReplicate facility extends existing on-site sync replication to provide cascading async replication to up to sixteen target sites, with replication being from any StorONE source to any target,
  • Support for NVMe-oF (RoCE) connectivity,
  • 15 per cent write performance improvement for existing arrays,
  • Improved NAS capabilities

The vRAID software enables admins to set redundancies on a per-volume level, mix drive sizes within the RAID group, and experience fast rebuilds on any media type.

George Crump, StorONE CMO, said of the software: “The Q3-2020 release enables customers to not only consolidate storage, but also consolidate backup and DR into a single process that lowers costs and simplifies operations.”

The company said it will add 100 per cent seamless connectivity to the public cloud by year-end, plus the ability to drag and drop files between on-premises and cloud environments. It will also make it easy to use its technology for cloud-based disaster recovery and data migration.

StorONE positions its S1 product as a high performance clusterable array that supports any storage server hardware, any storage media, and any storage protocol. The S1 arrays can, it claims, consolidate many existing storage arrays, filers and data protection devices into a single array.