Scality replanting 10,000 trees lost in California fires

RING object and file storage supplier Scality has said it is working with Reforest’Action to plant 10,000 trees in California by spring 2021.

CEO Jerome Lecat lives in the forested Marin peninsula north of San Francisco and said in a statement: “The recent fires surrounding the San Francisco, Bay Area have touched us personally. There is nothing like the smell of smoke in your own backyard and realising that this represents the destruction of some of California’s most vibrant communities and beautiful 2,000-year old-growth redwood forests.” 

California Redwood trees.

Scality had previously been working with Reforest’Action to offset its travel-based carbon emissions. The Covid-19 epidemic and travel restrictions rendered that less urgent. Now the forest fire tree replacement program seems to be an appropriate continuation.

As well as the 10,000 trees in California, Scality and Reforest’Action will plant another 4,000 trees near Paris. 

Reforest’Action and Scality employees will work with forestry experts and agricultural technicians to plant the trees and will connect with local communities to ensure their growth with the best possible conditions.

Orange, smoke-polluted skies above San Francisco

Roxanne Crossley, Scality chief of staff, said: “Fourteen thousand trees may seem like a small drop in the bucket but we believe every drop counts. We remain committed to our communities and our future generations to make even a small difference in global climate change.”

Since Reforest’Action was founded in 2010 it has helped get 10 million trees planted across the globe. Stéphanie Bonet, its partnership manager, welcomed Scality’s action: “They now join a diverse group of businesses including Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Pampers, and the Arbor Day Foundation, to improve the environment through local action.”

Lecat blogged: “This is not a marketing gimmick. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

Can we expect a Scality tree RING product? [Ed: just stop the jokes already.]