Commvault hooks up Metallic with Azure Blobs

Commvault has integrated Metallic SaaS data protection with Azure Blob Storage, enabling customers to save on-premises storage capacity.

Commvault’s cloud-native Metallic service receives backup data from on-premises and in-cloud applications and stores it in AWS and Azure object storage. An existing Office 365 service saves its data in Azure. Now Metallic can save any data ingested on-premises by Commvault’s Backup and Recovery software and HyperScale X appliances. This encompasses physical, virtual and containerised workloads.

Commvault GM Manoj Naor issued a quote: “The need to leverage the cloud is only accelerating, and having simple, direct access to cloud storage as a primary or secondary backup target allows us to facilitate our customers’ journeys to the cloud while also providing a critical step in ransomware readiness with an air-gapped cloud copy.”

That’s air-gapped in the sense that, although network-linked, the Metallic-generated data copy cannot be directly accessed by the customer. So the data is virtually air-gapped, unlike a physically air-gapped tape cartridge.

Ranga Rajagopalan, VP of product management, answered our question about this point; “Yes. We’ve had customers defeat ransomware attacks with our virtual air-gapped approach.” He said there were “encryption and other hardening techniques, and separation of management and access for the Azure account. Customers can spin up their entire environment in the cloud.”

The new service is managed through the Commvault Command Centre. The fully managed Metallic Cloud Storage Service is available across North America, EMEA and APAC, and Metallic SaaS is available in North America and ANZ.