Druva pushes Kubernetes container protection into beta

Druva is adding backup for Kubernetes-orchestrated containers, as it aims to be a one-stop shop for data protection needs

The service, currently in beta, will provide application-consistent data protection, including resources inside and outside Kubernetes clusters. That includes dependencies on external storage and databases. There will be secure SaaS management, with a platform built on AWS for global control. Altogether there will be centralised protection, management, and compliance with self-service recovery for DevOps and application owners.

Stephen Manley.

Stephen Manley, Druva’s CTO, said in a statement: “With Kubernetes usage on the rise, too many production workloads lack adequate data protection. Now, central teams can securely and seamlessly incorporate Kubernetes protection into their existing policies, while enabling application owners to recover, migrate, and clone applications when necessary.”

Druva says its software identifies and protects resources inside and outside Kubernetes deployments. As application owners build and update their environment, Druva automatically stores snapshots of the entire environment, This enables customers to recover applications quickly and easily. These snapshots can be restored to a new location for migration, cloning, compliance and troubleshooting of production workloads.

Druva customers can protect production application deployments by choosing the “Kubernetes” option in the CloudRanger offering. Early access will be available in Q4, with wider availability expected in the first half of 2021.

Container storage is on the move

Kubernetes is the dominant container orchestrator. A Sysdig report says it has a 77 per cent share of the market by use. This expands to 89 per cent when Red Hat OpenShift and Rancher – both built with Kubernetes – are included.

Sysdig chart of orchestrator use.

When new workloads come along new data protection products and suppliers come along in their wake; think VMware and Veeam, HYCU and Nutanix, and also SaaS apps and in-cloud protection with Clumio and Druva. Now organisations are adopting containers and Kubernetes orchestration and storage provisioning with data protection added by new suppliers like Kasten and Portworx.

Veeam is partnering with Kasten and its K10 product. Pure Storage bought Portworx last week. Veritas protects containers with NetBackup. So too do Actifio, Cohesity, Commvault, and HYCU  as a wave of containerised app protection moves across the data protection supplier landscape. Rubrik has yet to announce its move into this space.